Friday, December 27, 2013

hoping for a speedy remainder of voir dire

Utah snow, I can hardly wait to see you.

The remainder of the day in court today went about as it was expected to go. The defense has exhausted its peremptory challenges.  The state still has sixteen remaining.  I'm hoping we can seat a jury in half a day on Monday.

Pseudouncle's cousin was in the courtroom today. He sat with Pdseudoaunt's brother. The two of them whispered funny things all day long. I enjoyed it immensely, and it made the day seem to pass quickly. Pseudoaunt told them to knock it off because she was worried that they were distracting me from doing my job, but she underestimates my aility to multi-task. I can devote just a bit of attention to something funny being said behind me while doing my job perfectly well.

Neither of them initiated any conversations with jurors, though they answered specific questions of anyone who asked them, except that they didn't divulge any affiliation with either side.  Their location directly behind the prosecution's table may have been a bit of an indicator of their association.

Pseudouncle's cousin is heading to Utah on Sunday. I'm not supposed to use his name, but he's known in the genre of LDS cinematography even though he's no longer LDS. He wants to talk to me about some of my experiences with the Church and wants to read my blogs related to my association with all things LDS. I need to look up links for him.

I'm packing everything except medical supplies for pseudoaunt. It's a very easy job, because she already has clothing at her condo in Utah, her ski gear is ther already, and her husband is packing up her medications and medical supplies. She's leaving a list of everything she wants packed. If we seat the jury by early afternoon on Monday, we're leaving as soon as we can get away. She would be stressed about forgetting something if she had to pack, so I'm doing it for her. I'm already packed. I don't need snowboarding gear, but I'll use Jared's little sister's old snowsuit if I want to be in the snow.

I'm counting on God and the forces of the universe to combine in such a way that it allows a jury to be empaneled quickly on Monday.


  1. Enjoy yourself! Whatever you do, don't get this flu!

  2. Pseudouncle has been keeping tabs on all the relatives because of psuedoaunt's situation, and so far no one on either side that we've been in contact with or will be in contact with has anything resembling theflu. the closest thing to the flu thay anyone has had is what pseudoaunt and I already had, which didn't seem to be the real flu, either. that doesn't mean no one will come down with it, but it's better than if we were going to meet a bunch of sick relatives in Utah or anything like that. even all the little kids are still healthy, which is amazing this time of year. There's almost always been at least onesick little kid in the family either here or in Utah. one oe main reasons we've planned to drive, in addition to the flexibility of departure time in relation to what's going on in court, is to avoid sick people on a plane, the odds of which there would certainly be a few.