Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Life an an Invalid

my new quilt -- a combo birthday/Christmas present, which makes being an invalid so much more of a pleasure

I'm bedridden, and right now I'm watching Judge Alex. .It's a case about an eviction. Thus far the most notable pice of evidence in the case is a pieceof chlid-generated artwork on the wall of the rental property, which is a large patch of cryon and pencil scribbling ll over a section of the wall. the defendant says that her grandchildren did the crayon scribbling but not the pencil scribbling because she does not allow her grandchildren to use pencils. That's certainly a credible snippet of testimony.

Tonight I will mysteriously recover from my injuries enough to emerge from my bed, get showered and dressed, and travel to a building on the university campus to play the piano at a function hosted by  the university president or provost or whatever he's taken to calling himself lately. This is an annual function, or so I'm told, and the unversity is asked to provide its top graduating senior to provide background music. The person asked to perform hasn't been told that the honor goes to the top graduating senior -- that's something I know ust because my mom is in the departemnt. My mom said they were just going to ask me, but in light of my recent injuries, my mom suggested that they have the cellist come, too, to take a little pressure off me. (I personally think the cellist should also share with me in the honors for top music performance grad for the year. he's good. the french horn player is good as well, but the cellist's playing is exquisite.We'll split the $500 stipend. I told the cellist I would accompany him only if he would agree to play my two favorite pieces of cello music in the world, which are the Bach Sonata for Viola de gamba and clavier and the Bach cello suite #1.  The sonata for viola de gamba is even more beautiful on cello as opposed to viola and  with piano as opposed to clavier or harpsichord. (I'm confident thatBach would have written the piece with piano accompanimet had the piano existed in his lifetime.) I'vei include a recording of the fourth movement -- my favorite  -- here. If I could only play one song on piano for the rest of my life, it would be this, and it's just piano acompaniment, not solo piano. That's how perfect this composition is.

I'll play one or two pieces from my recital, but mostly, in addition to accomanying the cellist,  I'll play generic Bach stuff and embellished carols, which I can do off the top of my head. The cellist and I will probably jam on the carols, because he''s not bound by printed music, either. The cellist plays piano, so I'm bringing my violin and will play a few violin pieces. My dad says it's OK as long as I stand still and play. He's seen one too many Celtic woman concerts with the fiddler dancing all over the stge. I believe that dancing is dancing and violin playing is violin playing and that the two are not meant to be done simultaneously.

After tonight's soiree, I will resume my life as an invalid. Tomorrow I at least have the privilege of convalescing on pseudoaunt's sofa and in my own bed at her house.

Bach cello suite number one:

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  1. Lovely music, Alexis. It's pretty cool that you're being asked to provide the music and you and the cello player and switch instruments. I'm sure the folks who attend will really enjoy it. I sent you an invite to that fourth blog. ;-)