Friday, July 13, 2012

Willard Romney, the Rock'em Sock'em Robot

My Twitter friend James commented that Willard Romney* looks just like a Rock'em Sock'em Robot who also happens to be dressed in jeans, a white shirt, and a tie. I couldn't agree more. Incidentally, I find the whole jeans-white-shirt-tie combo to be a rather odd look. I'd be really embarrassed if my dad dressed that way in public or even at home. (Dad, if you wear jeans with a white dress shirt and tie anytime soon, I'll know you read my blog and are just wearing geek clothes to annoy and embarrass me.)

My pseudoaunt once commented, back when  FB fans were clamoring for Judge Alex's inclusion in Dancing With The Stars'  lineup a couple of seasons ago, that Judge Alex probably looks like a Rock'em Sock'em Robot when he dances. I thought and still think she was probably onto something, and I don't understand why Judge Alex's fans ever would want to see him on  Dancing With the Stars

In Judge Alex's case, the stiffness is something I perceive to be part of his dancer persona. I don't think he's necessarily plastic with jerky, robotic movements in other aspects of his existence. In the case of Willard Romney*, however, I suspect he is the personification of a Rock'em Sock'em Robot.

My pseudoaunt's father owns a Rock'em Sock'em Robot set left over from his childhood. I once was allowed to play with it very carefully for just a few minutes. It's a small (maybe eighteen inches, but objects from one's childhood  often seem larger in retrospect than they actually were) yellow plastic boxing ring with one red robot and one blue robot. I suppose the red robot would represent Willard Romney*. The blue robot could theoretically represent our president except that Barack Obama isn't  particularly robotic in any regard. One person controls each robot's actions with levers.

My question is this: If Willard Romney* is indeed the personification of a Rock'em Sock'em Robot, who mans the levers controlling him?

* Because Willard is Mitt Romney's actual first name, I choose to refer to him by his proper given name of Willard Romney. If he has a problem with this, he should have taken it up with his parents when they both were still on the planet. They, not I, are the ones who named him Willard.


  1. Hey-- Willard is still better than "Mitten". What kind of a nickname is "Mitten" anyway?

  2. "Mitt" "Mitten" or any other derivative is one of those ridiculous names rich people give their kids. Living with the name probably made him the bully that he is today. It's the "pick on someone else before someone notice's one's own Achilles' heel" syndrome in my opinion.

    1. That's like Tripp, Trig, and Track. *Cringe*

  3. It's true that the Romneys and the Palins have similar taste in names. I'm partial to real names. Even if they're not on the top 200 list for a given decade, it helps if SOMEONE has given a child the name before. As brilliant as I sometimes delude myself into believing that I am, chances are that if a name is all that great, someone in the English-speaking world will have thought of combining the letters in the way I did to produce the name in question. If not, chances are the name sucks.