Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Leaving Town

I'm taking a very short working vacation. I'll fly out of Burbank on Thursday morning with PseudoAunt and her father. We'll be back her by midday on Saturday. There won't be time for a lot of frivolity but even a change of scenery will be good, although most of the scenery I'll view will not be as attractive as the scenery I view here on a regular basis. Still, change is sometimes good.

I've bee with my PseudoRelatives the past three nights, counting tonight. Sunday night we were awakened and kept awake when a driver who was stopped fled the police, ditched his car in the PseudoRelatives' neighborhood, and attempted to hide. Sleeping was a lost cause.

Last night the PseudoRelatives' dog was disturbed by something or someone in their backyard, and she made sleeping impossible. We learned this morning that a male was seen entering a backyard to the rear of the PseudoRelatives' house just before the dog became agitated. the neighbors all think the suspect or suspects hiding Sunday night left drugs here and returned to pick them up. I hope they found them, because I don't want the bad guys to come back even if they theoretically have no interest in harming the neighborhood residents.

Willard Romney's campaign is becoming almost exciting. What would it take for him to throw in the towel? it seems that the GOP can't really ditch him because he gained enough delegates through the primaries and caucuses to win the nomination on the first ballot. Is it possible that he would be selfless enough to acknowledge that he couldn't possibly win because of his issues with discrepancies concerning what he hs said and what has turned out to be true in all sorts of areas? I can't see him doing that, and I wouldn't even say that he should at this point, because it's still very early. Still, my guess is that no matter what the opposition had on him, he would still be singing the Scott Peterson ballad of "Deny, Deny, Deny" even in the face of damning evidence. I can't help wondering if The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is re-thinking the whole Romney candidacy idea in terms of positive P.R. for their church.

If i were a rank-and-file member of the LDS church who had ever been under the ecclesiastical authority of Willard Romney, I would have serious misgivings about having been judged by a man who appears, at least at face value,  to lack integrity

I wonder what the people on Twitter had to tweet about before Mitt Romney came along.

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