Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pulling My Hair Out

Many of us experience times when we're tempted to pull our hair out. most people don't act on those temptations. I do. I have trichotillomania. I've had it since I was little. No two cases of trichotillomania are necessarily exactly alike. For me, it's something I do without thinking. If I realize I'm doing it, I can stop. I only pluck the hair on my head. Some people pluck eyebrows, eyelashes, and other hair sources.

Trichotillomania is considered on the OCD continuum, and is related to stress. Everyone has stress. There are times in our lives when it is worse than at other times. I think I started pulling when I was just a baby when my mom sometimes didn't get me up from my nap very promptly. I remember it getting worse when my mom was ill. Fortunately for me, I started out with very thick hair. The plucked version of my hair is of average thickness.

Things happening around here right now have caused me stress. I can't be totally specific, but Matt summed it up well when he quoted The Bard in saying, "The course of true love never runs smooth."  The course of false love doesn't necessarily run all that smooth, either, I've come to realize. And when one's hateful extended family sets out to make things deliberately difficult, it becomes the ugliest stretch of sharp-rock-infested water imaginable.

I'm staring at the walls a lot  and watching too much bad TV while waiting for my injuries to heal so that I can do something to take my mind off this sorry state of affairs.

        Sweetheart, I took  this part off the page for you. You'll thank me later. Love, Uncle Scott


  1. Or perhaps not, Scott.

    Alexis, life can be a bit traumatic at first. My first true love left me for a person she thought was rich. Turned out he was a convicted fraudster without a penny to his name.

    But it hurt like hell for a long time.

  2. I'm beginning to believe i will live through this.