Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The title, incidentally, doesn't necessarily have all that much to do with this blog entry itself.  I just wanted to chronicle Willard Romney's latest campaign strategy in my blog so that I'll remember it years later when I review my past blog entries. It's too choice to forget.

Speaking of the "retroactively" excuse as to why Willard was still listed as Bain Capital's CEO two years after he said he was no longer working there, if that were really the reason, why was it not promptly divulged as the reason? And if  it's a made-up reason, which it certainly appears to be, is that the best they could do? If so, Willard's brain trust is overpaid.  I have no clue as to how much he's paying them, but even if their only compensation is the opportunity to witness history up close and personally, they're still highly overpaid.

Perhaps I should polish up my resume and offer my services to Willard -- for a price. Sure, I'd practically have to sell my soul to Satan himself to even consider the possibility of offering up my services to the cause of electing Willard Romney to any public position whatsoever, much less the highest office in the land,, but just in the interest of making things even remotely fair in this campaign, Willard needs someone working for him who's at least as intelligent as the average CalTrans worker*.  While my intelligence  clearly is not  quite equal to that of  Socrates, Leonardo DaVinci, Einstein, or Sir Isaac Newton, I certainly could invent a more credible excuse for anything than that of saying I retired or did anything else "retroactively." If you do not believe me, ask my parents or any of my elementary or high school teachers.

The moral of this story is that if one is going to lie, he or she should at least  lie well. Lying is a sin whether the lie is believable or not, but what's the point of lying if the lie is so stupid that no one on the short bus would even believe it?

*How intelligent is the average CalTrans worker? "Not very intelligent" is the correct answer.

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