Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Aunt

My aunt in Utah has had two ad=bdominal surgeries for intestinal bleeding. That aspect of her condition seems to have stabilzed. She isn't yet able to do the things she needs to fo do clear jer lungs because of her cystic fibrosis. Machines and other people are doing all sorts of things for her, such as moving her extremities, virtually coughing for her, and suctioning her airways to remove secretions. Her own body needs to begin doing themse things itself as soon as possible. She needs narcotics because it hirts the incision siye to breathe as deeply and to cough as hard as she beeds to. Alos, she can't cough too hard, because that could reopen incisions. The sooner her incisions heal, the sooner she can do what her body needs her to do. The drugs make her loopy and make it hard for her to understand and follow directions, but she has to have them. my dad says he has to sort of get right in her face and tell her what to do. My dad's not a pulmonologist, but he;s in constant touch with her California specialist and some specialist from the East coast or midwest or somewhere; I can't remember where everyoine is from.

I don't want my aunt to die, and I don't want her to have a diminished quality of life,

Judge Alex sent my aunt a peronal "Get Well" message, which was very kind. She hasn't been coherent enough to understand it, but we're hoping she will be tomorrow, and that it will give her the boost that she needs.


  1. Your aunt is in my prayers, Alexis.

    I'll light a candle for her -and you- next chance I get.

  2. Your aunt's symptoms sound worryingly like those of the daughter of a work colleague. Wonder if they thought to check for late diagnosis CF? I'll ask her.