Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jessica Beagley, Dr. Phil, and Other Things

Jessica Beagley, the Stake Primary President of the LDS Church who appeared on Dr. Phil to share, highlight, or lament her childrearing practices, including -- but not limited to -- pouring hot sauce in her adipted Russian orphan's mouth and forcing him into cold showers, was sypposed to have appeared in court at some time in late March to answer to charges of child abyse. Nothing, as far as I can find, has been reported of this court appearance. Does anyone who reads this blog have any idea what happened in relation to this case? Any updates would be sincerely appreciated.

P. s. Morbid curiosity aside, God bless little Kristoff.


  1. I have just done a Google News search on Jessica Beagley and nothing has come up. Though this does depend on how alleged child abuse cases are covered by the US media. Nothing later on Google than a January 31st report of the initial charges on a blog.

  2. She is supposed to go to trial 08/15/11. Her case number is: 3AN-11-00323CR. I think she'll get a slap on the write (if even that). Why?
    1) She's big into church up there and that helps her. Organized religion can be a powerful force to be reckoned with - whether they are on the side of good or evil.
    2) The prosecutor didn't even do anything until the episode of Dr. Phil sparked outrage national and even worldwide & pressure was placed on their office to do something. (And things have been quiet for a while, so there's not as much attention/pressure on them.)
    3) Even with all the pressure on them and even after charging her with CRUELTY and TORTURE, they still let her RETAIN CUSTODY of the child while she awaits trial.
    So her "trial" will be a joke as far as I'm concerned. I'm sorry to say that I don't hold out any hopes for any real consequences.

  3. Anonymous, thank you for the info. It's sad that probably no one is looking out for little Kristoff's benefit.