Friday, April 8, 2011

New address; I don't know it yet

In the extremely unlikely event that someone tries to reach me here, I probably won't be here. I can't really leave a forwarding address, and not just becaue I don't have one. I suppose my next address might be juvey, although I don't know what county in which anyone would attempt to incarcerate me. Then again, maybe not. With all the bona fide violent juvenile offenders around, someone who wishes not to remain in quarantine for a contagious repiratory illness that is not even tuberculosis is probably a pretty minor offender in the grand scheme of things.

Uncle Steve and Aunt Heather, thanks so much for the cards and well wishes, Uncle Ralph and Aunt Victoria, I would extend to same message to you except I'm still grateful for the room that you had redone.Relatives on my mom's side, even if you didn't know I was sick, why? Do you pay so little attention when other people's kids gey sick, or is it just I you ignore since I'm sick all the time? Relatives on my dad's side, you never liked me before, and the feeling has always been basically mutual, so what else is new?

I don't eben know what I'm trying to say unless it's that everyobe i'm related to is really mean.

Except for Rebecca, Aunt Becky, Judge Alex, Marianne, and Matt, the same can be said of my cyber-acquaintances as well.


  1. Alexis, I can tell you're having a very rough night. I'm not sure what your mom's problem is. You haven't mentioned your dad. Haven't you been able to reach him?

    Whatever you do, DO NOT leave the hospital. I'll call the nurses' desk as soon as I've finished sending this message. I can't fix everything that is wrong, but I can give you something to help with your headache. I don't really understand why you haven't been given at least Tylenol up to this point,or why no one has contacted me for authorization to give you stronger meds, but I can guarantee that you'll have something within twenty minutes - sooner if the nurses staffing the desk know what's good for them.

    Again, DO NOT leave the hospital. Everything is going to be OK. I'll be there as soon as I can practically get there, but in the meantime, I'll see that you get something strong enough to take care of your headache.

    Chairman Mao/Dr. Jeff

  2. Alexis, please try to remain calm.

    Think... what would Jesus do? No... That wouldn't be appropriate. Oh! Yes! Think what Judge Judy would do. Oh. Shout at people. No! Sorrry! Maybe ignore what Judge Judy would do! Think of what Judge Alex would do, instead! As long as it doesn't involve suing people! ;o))