Tuesday, October 15, 2013

your tax dollars and mine

the fiasco as it unfolded

I really should be asleep, but I need to comment on a topic so I won't forget it.

Did anyone else read or hear about the Walmart shoppers whose EBT cards erroneously had no limits? The infamous and concience-deficient retailer's local management clearly knew there was a problem but continued selling their merchandise away to the conscience-deficient recipients.

Who ultimately pays for this? Will the computer glitch allow the government to pinpoint who defrauded the goverment of what? Will those people be charged with welfare fraud, or will they get away with it because of the banking system that allowed it to happen? Will they perhaps not get anymore entitlement aid until what their cards paid out equals what they should have received, however long that takes? Will their children go hungry while they play with new toys and their parents play with their own new toys while waiting for aid to kick in again?

As much of a hassle as it would be, does anyone else see the need for the government to issue vouchers for rent, food, and clothing to these people rather than handing them cold hard cash or debit cards? I believe the very worst of what happened was in Louisiana and not where I live, but since it's funded by the federal government, that is my money, too. I've been paying federal income tax since I was fourteen. What I've paid is not a whole lot, but I have paid it, noetheless. I resent my hard-earned money being deducted from my paychecks so that Walmart could allow themselves to profit along with the lawless benefit recipients from this admittedly unbelievably incompetent error.

This blog is ended. Go now in peace to love and serve the lord and to get some sleep, as I intend to do.


  1. Generally speaking, I am in favor of SNAP cards for people who really need them. This country has plenty of food and no one should have to go hungry. However, this sounds like a lot of low lifes totally took advantage. I understand why you feel resentful. I do too.

  2. While I'm really disgusted both with whomever was charged with managing the card system and with the individuals who took advantage as though it would never catch up with them, I have to agree with you. Having anyone go hungry is not the answer to our nation's financial woes. I personally could not deal with to see lots of hungry people on the streets, in schools, or elsewhere. The type of society we would create by forcing poor people to go hungry would be very ugly. Maybe those cards should only be good for food, toilet paper, and other similar necessities of life and not for electronics -- I don't really know -- but not giving aid to those who are struggling or worse when we can clearly afford to (and even if the affordability were marginal, it should still probably be our number one priority, would be unconscionable. Apart from basic the right of feeding our hungry, to fail to do so would create our own real-life version of The
    Hunger Games.

    1. It should read "could not deal with seeing," not "could not deal with to see" or whatever absurdity the previous post actually states.

  3. I heard that families who are on WIC and other government programs to help buy expensive, specialized formula for kids with feeding tubes were affected. Insurance won't cover many of these specialized formulas, and because it's super expensive they use these government programs to buy it.

    Loss of financial aid, whether it be medical insurance, or government assisted programs, means no feeding tube supplies, no supplies means no way to eat. Many people have dangerous food allergies, swallowing difficulties, digestive impairments, they depend on their specialized formulas. And some people didn't get shipments because of this.

    All for someone who is greedy and had to cheat.

    Yes, it's made my blood boil, obviously.