Sunday, October 20, 2013

Maria, the sweet little girl found in a gypsy dwelling in Greece

I have a raging fever of 104.2. My throat is more scratchy than sore. I'm developing a cough, and my head is throbbing.

I would like to go to class tomorrow but my dad and my aunt say it would not be fair to the other people in the class or to the person or people who might sit where I had been sitting when the next class met in the room. It bothers me to miss classes, but I haven't missed any yet. I have two midterms later in the week and will have to go to class then, ready or not. I could get a doctor's note, but I don't like to do that. I think professors are skeptical of such notes.

I read about Maria, the poor little girl found in the gypsy settlement in Greece. Her blond and blue-eyed coloring gave her away as not belonging to the gypsy family who had her.
I really wonder where they found her. I hope the authorities find her real parents very soon.

I read with interest of Dick Cheney's fear that terrorists would electronically tamper with his pacemaker. To me that seems far-fetched even if it was in a movie plot or Law & Order episode or whatever. On the other hand, perhaps such actions are not just the stuff of movie and TV seies plots and maybe I'm the one who is naive.

So I'm presumably housebound until Wednesday, when I have two mid-terms. I won't even bother practicing my instruments, as I've found it doesn't do much good to practice when I'm sick. I'll just stay in bed and rest as don't really feel like doing anything.

This blog is ended. Go now in peace to love and serve the Lord and to stay away from any nasty flu germs.


  1. Take some Motrin and feel better soon!

  2. Get well soon! I look at that girl's "parents" and wonder about the mental status of the father. Not fair, but it's my honest reaction.

  3. We had an extended Gypsy family show up in my old town. I can't say what their names were, but one family had a surname that began with the letter P. do you remember a swimming pool game playe dbyt kids in which the "it" person had too keep his or her eyes clsed and holler out "M----," after which all the other game participants responded with "P---" so that "it" could hear their voices and possibly know where they are? One of the families with the surname"P---" actually named their kid "M---- P---." The adult females in this extended clan wore brightly colored scrunchies on their arms. This was when it was semi-in for little girls to wear scrunchies in their hair, but I'd never heard of anyone of any age wering them on their arms. This extended family of maybe 25 families moved into a single hotel room in our town and was there until they were evicted. They befriended the aging husband of one of my mom's secretaries, who was in the early stages of dementia, and stole all kids of stuff from the man. His wife had to work. She put everything of value that the couple owned that she could get her hands on under lock and key, but she couldn't lock her husband up, and he wasn't far gone enough to be placed in a care facility. The gypsies even got his wedding ring. The gypsies eventually moved out as quickly as they had moved in.

    My mom had seen gypsies in action in Ireland when she was a child. Her mom moved herself the kids to stay with my mom's aunt when my grandfather was in Viet Nam in the mid- 60's. the Biitish isles has a stronger gypsy presence - probably all of Europe does, for that matter -- than does the U.S. No one at the school district office believed my mom initially when she said these people were gypsies, but soon enough everyone believed it.