Tuesday, October 22, 2013

still Fighting This Bug

She looks just about how I feel right now.

I'm still fighting this rather pesky bug. My temperature stays between 103 and 104.4. It's in the high 103 range most of the time. I have two midterms tomorrow and one Thursday, but I'm going to take all three of them in at the health center tomorrow in order to minimize the number of people I potentially make sick. The professor for my Thursday class trusts me not to contact anyone in the class with information about the exam, and I will not betray her trust. My dad is paying three graduate assistants to give me the exams. (Yes, I know my dad is a generous person, but keep in mind that he hasn't had to pay for one cent of my education up to this point. He's getting off very lightly when it comes to financing both my education and my brother's.) They don't have to stay in a room with me while I'm actually taking the test. I'll probably just sit in a lounge chair outside if the weather is still nice. Then I won't be germing up an office. I'll meet the grad student assistants at the health center and they'll supervise my belongings while I take the tests. I hope to start at 10:00 and finish by 1:00. It's easy money for the grad student assistants. They can be on their computers the entire time. All they need to do is certify that I had no access to my computer or notes and that I didn't cheat.

I hope to be back in the dorms next week, as Halloween in the dorms and in the off-campus community is unparalleled. On the night before Halloween, little kids from the community (the families who live by campus are usually a bit underprivileged) will trick or treat in the dorms. I will make up little goody bags for the children and will make sure everyone in our part of the dorm has candy to give them. That means I'll have to provide extra so that the freshmen may eat some as well. My aunt Ilianna is paying her daughter-in-law to make popcorn balls and candy apples for the freshmen. My aunt can't make them because she's going to Europe later this week and will be here for almost a month. She says she has the free cookie business covered. As long as the freshmen don't all get sick at the same time, it should be OK. I'm doing my part by staying out of the dorm until I'm better.

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  1. Sorry you're still sick. I'm still amazed by your generosity toward other students. When I was in college, I barely had two nickels to rub together.