Thursday, October 17, 2013

The House Is Divided

Last night a stenographer on the floor of the House of Representatives chamber overtook the microphone and shouted gobbledy-gook no sequitur sentences, starting out with "The House is divided."

She continued her rant. “He will not be mocked! This is not one nation under God. It never was. The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under god! It never was. Had it been, it would not have been! The Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons! You cannot serve two masters! You cannot serve two masters! Praise be to God, Lord Jesus Christ."

All of this went down during the vote to raise the debt ceiling and end the government shutdown, and was rather unsettling to the members of the U.S. House of Representatives who were present. Anyone kooky enough to spout such madness in the decorum of a House roll call is probably sufficiently off-kilter to do all sorts of things.

In an interview with the stenographer in question, Dianne Reidy, and her husband, formerly a Pentecostal minister in Florida, credit for the inspiration belongs to the Holy Ghost, who, according both to her husband and her, rather directly dictated the verbiage for her shout-out. If I'm correctly understanding the interview, the husband knew his wife was going to do the House floor call to repentance or whatever her announcement was, and did nothing to dissuade her. I suppose metal detecters and similar security measures presumably in place at the Capitol building are a very good thing. I, for one, am very glad this woman was not able to enter the House chambers armed. Our government has had more than enough bad publicity in recent weeks without this incident, but at least it did not end in bloody carnage.

Anyone who reads this is free to disagree,but I think the woman is bat-shit crazy. Perhaps her conduct to this point has been beyond reproach. In the climate of today's political arena, however, caution must be exercised. What happened last night could have been ugly.

I'm following the trial of Martin MacNeill, who has been charged with the murder of his late wife. She was found unconscious and presumably dead inthe bathtub of their home about eight days after undergoing a plastic surgery procedure. I've been very close to the home and have actually seen MacNeill in person, though I have never spoken with him.

Right now The Big Push is on in full force. I got a bit of a jump on it by knocking out three papers in the three preceding nights. This Big Push should be relatively short-lived as Big Pushes go, which is fine with me. I still think the idea of knocking out any assignment that can be done in advance is a sound idea. The practice has served me well throughout my high school and college enrollment.

I'll read a bit more, write one more research paper, compose two essays, and call it a day, possibly as early as tomorrow. I'm not complaining about my light academic load this quarter. God knows the hours of practicing I must put in will more than compensate for any ease in academic difficulty and workload.

This blog is ended. go now tolove and serve the Lord, but all of us would appreciate it if the religious zealots would keep any religious rantings you may have in your radar off the floors of the chambers of legislative bodies of our goverment.

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