Sunday, June 3, 2012


I'm leaving bright and early tomorrow to catch a plane to Utah with Jared's family for his graduation. We'll stay three nights, then head back to California on Thursday. Jared graduates on Tuesday night. He's allowed to bring one guest to his grad night festivities, so I'll be his designated guest. That gives me one last opportunity to corrupt his Utah peers with my wicked California ways. I'm saying that facetiously; I'm actually less wild than are most of Jared's classmates.

Uncle Michael and my cousin are in the city of the mission headquarters. Uncle Michael told my dad that my cousin looks terrible and that he [Uncle Michael] was tempted to take my cousin to a hospital but he really thinks the best thing would be to get my cousin back to the states and then seek medical care for him.

Rebecca asked what might be wrong with my cousin. The most likely diagnoses are parasitic or bacterial infection, which might include giardia, staphylococcus, e coli, dysentery, cholera, or God only knows how many other things, such as Celiac Disease, Crohn's Disease  or ulcerative colitis. My bet would be on a bacterial or parasitic explanation because of his location, but we can't really be certain. I'll hope it's something with a relatively quick fix. My Uncle Steve knows of people who have been ill for several years after serving missions in third-world conditions.

After his graduation, Jared will come to California. He'll attend the same university I'll attend next year. He hasn't made any decision as to whether or not he will serve an LDS mission. It's a really important decision with long-term consequences, and he must make the decision totally on his own. I do not wish to influence his decision-making process in any way.

When I next blog, I will be in the Great State of Utah.

Ad astra per alas porci.

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  1. Have fun in Utah!! My Uncle's brother just adopted a little girl from Ethiopia and she was diagnosed with Giardia. As you said, it certainly wouldn't be surprising if your cousin had a parasitic or bacterial infection but you can't just assume. Keep us updated... I missed hearing about your life on the West Coast. :)