Friday, June 22, 2012

Late Night Missive

Hi. This is actually Alexis typing with one hand. I slept so much during the day that i'm wide awake right now. Some nurse will probably eventually drug me, but for the moment, I'll share my state of boredom with others who are unfortunate enough to come across this late-night missive.

I had surgery early this morning to repair a small tear (rhymes with fair, not fear) in my kidney. One of my broken ribs pierced the kidney. If the doctors had left the kidney alone, it would have, in all likelihood,  repaired itself, but the doctors questioned my ability to be still and patient for the amount of time it would have taken for the kidney to heal. They were probably right. Anyway, the recovery for the surgery will be quicker than waiting around for the kidney laceration to mend itself, which is not to say that I'll be playing ice hockey anytime soon.

The adults in my family have a bizarre notion that bad things happen to people when they're in hospitals, so I always have my own personal  chaperon with me anytime I am in a hospital. At the moment I have two adults with me. PseudoAunt and PseudoUncle are here. They're both snoring softly.  I could be using the hospital phone to make terrorist threats from my hospital bed and no one would be any the wiser. Regardless, it was very nice of the Pseudos to leave their own comfortable bed and sleep in the comfortable spare bed in my hospital room.

Because of the surgery, I'm here for a bit longer than was originally forecast. I probably won't be sprung until sometime this weekend.

My parents are now back from The Land Down Under. They seem to have had their fill of crocodiles and kangaroos. Actually they just came back because I'm in the hospital. They didn't even get to travel to New Zealand, which was to have been the highlight of their trip. It makes me sad that  my misfortune caused them to cut their trip short, but I tried to stop them from coming home early. It was very thoughtful of them to have returned.

Something good may have come of this whole situation. The girl whose car crashed into mine came to visit me. I asked her if she could come back at a time when I  knew my brother would be visiting. She did, and they seem to have hit it off. I was less than enthralled with my brother's most recent love interest. The relationship wasn't yet to the serious point, but we all know how such things proceed. One minute it's a casual relationship, and the next minute they're pushing a baby carriage. If my brother is to be pushing a baby carriage at any time in the immediate future, I would prefer that it be with a person I actually like. Apart from being a substandard driver, the girl who crashed into me appears to have more positive qualities than negative ones.

Here comes the nurse with the meds. G'nite, all.

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  1. Surgery! Oh no! You're getting to be an old pro at the hospital game, that's for sure. If you ever want to talk, or vent or anything, you know where to find me. :)

    Rest up!