Saturday, June 30, 2012

not better yet but will eventually be

It would be unwise for me to say anything specific yet about what's happening, but I can divulge that it's a form of love problems, which have happened in one form or another to just about everyone on the planet.
This, too, shall pass. How it turns out is anyone's guess, though i can't see how it could work itself out in a way that makes me remotely happy. This is not to say I'll never again be happy. That would be a silly thig to say. I'll find happiness elsewhere.

At least my parents aren't being compete jerks. They're actually on my side this time. it's not worth a great deal in the grand scheme of things, but it is at least worth something.

Jump in Lake Huron, Judge Alex.

Ihzt cm lejjtr fp,l eponvvjj@ (erythromycic for "Have a better day tomorrow.")


  1. Oh, dear. The course of true love never runs smooth, and I do hope you will happy.

  2. Matt, I will explain as soon as I think everything has blown over a little bit, or it hasn't, one way or another, but the whole situation is pretty bizarre.