Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It Must Have Been Like, But It's Over Now: My Even-Further Fractured Twitter Friendship With Judge Alex

I should have cut my losses whenever it was that I last blogged about my "breakup" with Judge Alex. I thought I could still be his Twitter acquaintance,  but on my own terms.  I can't.

I watch "Judge Alex," and  the rest of my family and friends watch it as much as they ever will.  I'm not part of  a Nielson family. I have no power to increase his popularity or ratings beyond what little I've already contributed in that area. Beyond that, I don't tell Judge Alex how stunningly handsome or sexy he is. (I've never done that.)  I also don't bother him by telling him when I'm ill or injured. One might think that would actually be worth something.

When someone is no longer of practical utility to a person, the obvious thing to do seems to be to ignore the person. It's OK. It's probably not the last time I will think someone was a nice guy, only to find out later that I was wrong. At least in the case of Judge Alex, he's only a Twitter person and not a real person.

My parents think I'm being an idiot, which is also OK. It's neither the first nor the last time for THAT to be the case.


  1. Can I just say that Judge Alex is not on TV in the UK? But Judge Judy is.

    I have decided to come clean, here. I have a crush on Judge Judy. I think her accent is really very sexy and I think she is a babe. No really. I do. There's a 15 year gap in our ages (I am 55) so that's not too much, is it? Really?

  2. Matt, my mother wouldn't like my language here (hopefully she won't read this) but doesn't Judge Judy seem like a bit of a ball-breaker? She is funny, though, and she's actually pretty in her own way. I love when the litigants are suing each other and she refers to "that Craig's List" or "" with that funny dismissive wave of her hand.

    Judge Alex and all the rest will have to live with being second art best as long as Judge Judy is still at it, and she doesn't appear to be quitting anytime soon.

  3. She has that persona, but I think she is attractive!