Monday, January 13, 2014

Major Milestone

5' 2.75" Alexis playing hopscotch.

I went  into my dad's office at the hospital here in the city in which we live. He has offices in [I think] five different hospitals and one at home as well, but his home base is here. A scale is kept in the hall not far from his office, and my dad told me he should measure and weigh me since it hasn't been done recently. I don't have a problem with being weighed or measured right now since I'm a legal adult and no one can really do anything about it if they don't like my numbers.

I won't say what my weight is because it's a bit depressing. I work hard to take in calories, but they don't seem to remain in my body.  I look like a stick figure.

The good news is, however, that I am five-feet-two-and-three-quarters inches in height. When we got home, my dad marked my height against the wall at home and measured with a tape measure, and got the same result.  It's official. That doesn't make me quite average in height, but I'm about half an inch taller than I was last time I was measured. I may be finished growing or I may have a little more height to gain. Time will tell. 


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  2. That was exactly my height at my appointment Friday.

    I empathize with your weight issues. Going on TPN, I've gained about 20lbs, though I had malabsorption from my intestinal condition. Putting aside that you've been dealing with this your entire life and the situation is probably 100% benign, have you ever been tested for malabsorption issues? Does your dad suspect that you're finished growing, or is there still room from a growth spurt?

  3. My dad thinks I have very little growth left - maybe an inch at the very most, and probably not even that. He thinks from my heart rate that I'm in a growth spurt right now and it may be my last one.

    I'm very mildly hyperthyroid and food goes through me at the speed of light.

  4. You are taller than I am. But sadly, I am much heavier than you are... Congrats!

    Remember a few months ago when I posted about Mindi Carpenter on my music blog? A couple of days ago, I got a weird comment from someone who seemed to address your thoughts on that post. I made the mistake of engaging her... It's a bit ...odd...

    1. Turns out my commenter has many blogs and YouTube channels and seems to be paranoid and delusional. She's kind of fascinating in a weird way.

  5. She's fascinating, all right. I started to respond politely to her initial response in which she took on my response. I was commenting aloud about it as I typed. My mom looked over my shoulder and read a bit of her writing. My mom told me for both my own good and because it's no kind to have fun at the expense of someone obviously so troubled, I should not reply.

    I don't consider this bragging because being a more skilled pianist than she is far from a level of skill about which to boast, but even my mom acknowledges in all honesty that I played piano better than she does by the time I was three-and-a-half. I don't mean to put the poor woman down for playing poorly, but rather, for posting videos of such abominable playing. It's akin to posting pictures of one's own dirty underwear.

    The singing's no better. Have you heard her assault on "Both Sides Now?" She plainly doesn't know the tune of the song and somewhat rambles between semi-tones in places where she doesn't know what tones she should be hitting. Then she says something about being able to out-sing just about anyone.

    She writes a blog blurb about how wonderful Ellen Degeneris is, Then she writes two days later that Ellen is pretty much the anti-Christ.

    **It was when I got off my diet up north during the hurricane. I was hearing things.** Is she admitting to hearing voices?

    **.I also had New England Clam Chowder. I wanted to have turkey dinners, things like that. It didn't work out after 1 of them, the N word thing happened, and my world seemed to disappear. This was 2009.** I really wonder what this was about.

    **I can only take so much. I was a health hog. When I thought people were watching me over camera, I felt more tested. ** And what about this gem?

    **So, when I came home, I tried to eat baby food and formula, but since my parents threw it away I got fat.** Was she one of those adult babies?

    My mom said paranoid and delusional is a good starting point for her diagnosis, but she wouldn't rule out paranoid schizophrenic or even dissociative personality disorder because in some places adjacent sentences appear to be written by different people.

    What the writing reminds me of is lengthy writings composed in a foreign language and translated by a really bad computer program. The context of much of what she writes is totally off.

    I'm now addicted to her. I'll probably spend the entire night reading her stuff and watching/listening to her videos. I know it's not right to take pleasure in another person's obvious illness, but I can't turn away from it. I suspect I have not even scratched the surface of what's out there. I will not, however, respond to her in any way.

  6. I must share just a few more rantings about ellen, tim Burton, and whoever else is conspiring against her.

    I think Ellen is playing around that I can't be a fan of the Carpenters cause they're all for her or at least the brother who is still alive. What a childish, impish thing to impose on me. I'm covered in shit. I hate this stupid noise.

    I was talking to my mom, and she was acting mean the whole time without admitting it.. Tim Burton ruined our relationship. My eyes feel hooked inward from on top. I have to use pressure to get it off. It doesn't exactly work. Maybe, it's making me more like Tinkerbell.

    Why does Ellen send me messages? Aren't we supposed to actually meet her sometime? She still thinks we don't respect her own accomplishments?? Of being famous? I don't think that that's what that is for everyone, people just like her and Depp with their rubbery features, though they are not all white like me.

    My new obsession is with Richard Carpenter. I will always have an obsession with him, even though he's not online.

    I do wonder if she could ever be a danger to Ellen, Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, or Richard Carpenter. Probably not. I suspect she's harmless and that her keepers are cautious.

  7. Alexis, I agree with your mom about not engaging her. I wish I hadn't. But I didn't realize she was certifiably mentally ill until I read her blog after my last post. And I was prompted to do that after her last comments.

    Like you, I got addicted to the oddness. Like you, I don't want to be unkind. But if you haven't seen it yet, you should look at her video of her doing The Can Can. At the end of the music, the beginning of "They're Coming To Take Me Away" starts. It made me laugh. Her dancing is no better than her singing.

    I did listen to her try "Castle On A Cloud" and it was a little better than Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now".

  8. I haven't checked out the blogger mentioned, but have either of you visited Get Off My Internets? The Mommy Blogger section is probably the most fascinating. I obviously have way too much time on my hands if I can spend time reading snarky comments about narcissistic mommies on the internet, but some of the stuff that people post about their kids is disturbing. It's definitely something to check out if you're ever in need for some reading material. My favorite reads are in the forum section; Kelle Hampton's Enjoying the Small Things, Nie Nie Dialogues/ CJane (occasionally), MckMama & MckMama Without Pity (in tandem, because OMG, there is cuckoo everywhere in MckMama land)...

    A common denominator with all of these women is that their blogs have crossed over from fun to career, and for many the blogs are providing for their family. MckMama and Kelle are perhaps the most histrionic; both have/ have had children with medical complications that led to the popularity of their blogdom. MckMama is no longer blogging, because MWOP came in and exposed the foreclosures on 3 (I even want to say more) houses, and the amazing amount of money she owes in income taxes from unpaid blog income. She is, however, still very active on facebook. Kelle Hampton went viral when her daughter was born, unexpectedly with Down's Syndrome. Her life is one giant posed photo-op. It does beg an interesting question; the two BIG complaints are they either share too much, or are too vague. It’s sort of a damned if you do, damned if you don’t deal.

    Anyway... they're interesting reads, if you're really into deconstructing the personalities of people who should probably really step away from the internet.

  9. I've read the NieNie Dialogues. I think I found out about that one from STFU Parents.

    The person we're writing of is not a mommy blogger, though. She appears to be mentally ill.

  10. I've read Nie Nie and CJane. I didn't enjoy either one and stopped reading.

    I don't think I'll ever be the same after seeing the Can Can rendition. my favorite parts was where she kicked her shoes off and hit something har with them, although I liked when the got the strings of the marionette strings caught in the feather of her hat and when she brought the pink stuffed lop-eared bunny as a prop.

    I would think this person (I don't want to say anything that might generate a hit in a google search) is perpetrating one giant hoax, and a good one at that, except that my lunaticometer tells me her mental instability for real. she culd seriously become an internet sensaton but such will not become the case through any publicity caused by me.

  11. Regarding the Can Can, did you see the version where she's in the pink pajama top and pinl and red-striped pj bottoms, or the version where she wears the light blue 1970's drill team uniform.

    As fa as the ones in which there is just singing, "Sleigh Ride" is probably the most unique of all.

    My mom keeps reiterating that I can watch but that's it. She's afraid I'll leave a comment and drive the woman over the edge or be accused of cyber-bullying if something goes wrong with this poor tortured soul. She need not worry. I'll leave th woman alone.

  12. I watched both. Bill had the same thought that maybe she 's just a brilliant actress. But she also has a 12 minute video consisting entirely of her eating pizza and typing on the computer. So yeah, I think she's real.

  13. What I meant before (prior to my digression, and what I probably could have summed up in a shorter comment), aside from mommy bloggers, there is an entire website devoted to talking about bloggers who are publicly spiraling out of control (I just happen to find the mommies extra fascinating). GOMI is an interesting read, not those specific blogs.

    I read on Kevin MD last week an article about the merits of googling patients, specifically in mental health treatment. This woman sounds like the prime example of how that could possibly be beneficial.

    1. In addition, I found the comments on knotty's page, and clicked on the woman's blog. Did you notice that she's had 515 posts in 2013. As of December 9, 2013.

      I really hope that someone is with her in real life, and watching her.

  14. I think her parents are keeping fairly close tabs on her, but I don't know if it's close enough. It sounds as though she goes to Disneyland weekly if she behaves herself.

    I hope she's not a danger to those on whome she obsesses.

  15. If a few more people stumble across her videos, she'll become as famous as she thinks she already is. Not everyone is as discreet as we are.

  16. That Mindi Carpenter post has exploded in popularity.

    That woman has several blogs and sometimes posts dozens of times a day. I notice she uploaded "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" on her Google Plus page, probably because we mentioned it as a good song for Mindi Carpenter and she is apparently into Richard Carpenter now.

  17. I see she is still stalking my blog, looking for comments... And Ellen is still talking to her.

  18. Can't find her recent comments. Can you direct me there?

  19. She isn't commenting; she's lurking. I have statcounter and I can tell who visits and for how long. She has been back several times as if waiting for someone to comment.

  20. Wow. She must not have earned a trip to Disney World this week.

  21. I've become obsessed, although I think imay have seen much of what she has put out into the ether, so unless she has a new creativity and productivity spurt, I may be forced to get on with my own life. iwould be worried about myself except that her postings are the only thing keeping me from 100% obsession on the recital.

    Five days after the recital, I'm heading back to Utah to snowboard with a vengeance, so I'll have something new about which to think at that point.