Saturday, June 23, 2012

Still Draining the PPO's Resources

Greetings! I had entertained serious hopes of being emancipated by now, but it wasn't in the tea leaves. Maybe tomorrow, they tell me. It all hinges on blood/oxygen levels or iron levels or some such thing. Someone actually told me at one point, but I was too exhausted to pay any attention.

The "Rock, Paper, Scissors" tournament was a resounding success. I was too tired to do more than watch. It sounds totally lame to excuse oneself from participating in a "Rock, Paper, Scissors" tournament for health reasons, but I lacked the energy to even watch with any degree of enthusiasm. Of the thirty-one competitors, several of whom I had never before seen, my brother took the championship. He cheats at "Rock, Paper, Scissors," so he always wins unless he's competing against my mom or me, who also cheat. We have really fast reaction times and can wait until the opposition commits before ourselves committing, yet make it appear to be in sync. The runner-up was some guy who assists with colonoscopies and sigmoidoscopies. My brother hasn't collected on his winnings yet, but PseudoCousin Peter is supposedly showing up with the goods today.

My brother and the driver of the other car (who is a girl, my brother would want me to add) are going out tonight. They're going to see a movie. It would seem to be a sacrifice in the extreme that I would have to be on the receiving end of a fairly major automobile collision just so my brother would have someone to date, but it's just the sort of thing twins do for one another, probably best described as parasitic symbiosis.

My dad slept here last night, but his presence was extraneous. I would have benefited more from my dog being here. I think I only woke up when Nurse Diesel showed up to check my vitals. My dad didn't even wake up then.

I would truly like to get out of this place so I can get a decent night's sleep before I turn thirty. In the meantime, I need to make myself presentable because the boy who is not my boyfriend is coming to visit soon.  I hope he's favorably impressed by hospital gown chic.


  1. You are such a generous sister. :)

  2. Linda, I must agree with you that Matthew is incredibly lucky to have me as his sister.

    Regarding my tournament event's lack of affiliation with the sport's governing body, I think it's great that there IS an RPC association. I will check them out and perhaps become a member of the organization so that my next RPC event can be official. Thanks very much for the heads-up, and thanks for reading.