Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break

Spring Break is coming up sooner than one would think. Different universities now hold their breaks at different times, probably in part to minimize the sort of drunken revelry from the past that rivaled the Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street. Spring Break is almost a redundancy at a party school such as the one I attend. One would leave campus for some vacation site where not half as much is going on as is happening a  block away from campus on any given Wednesday. Still, some of my acquaintances have plans to attempt serious partying in various locales, Palm Springs being one. Why in hell would one leave the coastal paradise of my university to travel to Palm Springs for the purpose of getting drunk?  From what I've been told, the booze here is every bit as potent, and the view is far more scenic.

My spring break will be compromised somewhat by my "Fiddler on the Roof" obligation. Our opening night is March 22, with performances following on the 23rd and 24th. We won't have any more performances until after spring break is over, but we will have two rehearsals during the week. Our next performance will not be until April 7. The scheduling on this was really poor, but there were supposedly problems with booking the venue we needed.

We did find a replacement Hodel after our original Hodel quit in a huff. The new one played the role three years ago and seems to have a remrkable recollection of the lines. She's also far more talented than our original Hodel. In addition to greater acting skills, she has a much bigger and more pleasant voice, which causes me to have to hold back less.  All things considered, our original Chava's departure was a good thing.

My friend Candace's Spring Break coincides with mine, so she's coming here to visit. Her university is in central California , so she's happy for a change of scenery. The cows are starting to get to her.

Au revior!


  1. What's wrong with cows as scenery?

  2. Cows and coastal California? Which would I prefer? Cows on the coast, to be honest. But if not, the coast would do...