Monday, March 19, 2012

Down to the Final Three Rehearsals

I'm resting in my dorm room until 7:00, when tonight's rehearsal begins. I'm going to spend the night on campus. My dad found someone from the cast whom he trusts to walk me back to my dorm room.

I'm less apprehensive with each rehearsal. Musically, the production is strong. The acting (except maybe mine) is good as long as soomeone doesn't  forget his or her lines. If the person forgets while I'm onstage, I can usually fix it or subtly remind them fairly easily.

Because my role isn't major, and because I can afford to sit out total group numbers, another guy and I have shared rehearsal pianist duties up to this point. Now we're dealing with the real accompanist and real orchestra. This removes a major burden from my workload (and that of the other rehersal accompanist, I assume). I don't mind accompanying, but I'd rather not do it when I'm in a production. Just being onstage makes it seem almost easy. Acting with emotion is still a challenge for me. My director tells me I've improved tremendously, but what he is kind enough not to say is that there is still room for major improvement.

My saving graces are my singing and dancing ability. Everyone else gets far more criticism than I on our small ensemble singing and dancing sequences. The new Hodel has a more powerful voice than I, but she doesn't have quite as much range, and her voice is a little less sweet. (She's a much better actress, by the way.) I've ended up with most of the high notes in "Matchmaker." The choreographer has added moves to make the dance where Chava leaves the family more complicated, and has added lifts.

We had a minor snafu between our two practice runs on Saturday.  We ate lunch at a restaurant which shall remain nameless because I do not wish to be sued. Even if I were to prevail in the lawsuit, it wouldn't be worth the hassle. Those who were more seriously impacted by what happened may choose to take it to small claims court, but the impact to me personally was small. Anyway, as you may have surmised, most of the cast became sick starting about two hours after the meal. There weren't enough restrooms to accommodate the various needs of the sick people. Rehearsal had to be called off, and people had to be called to transport the cast and crew home or even to the dorm. People were too sick even to walk across campus. I wasn't very hungry, and didn't each much, so I was less sick than most. People are more or  less recovered, although some are still weak. I'm fine.

My dad told me to stay away from the restaurant in question in the future. Did he really think I needed to be told that? Does he think I enjoyed simultaneous vomiting and diarrhea? Sorry for the gross-out factor.

My brother is actually coming to the opening night production of my play. How times change. There was a time when he would have deliberately left town just because it was taking place.

Taka Shi Baba (This doesn't really mean anything. It was the name of a foreign exchange student I once knew. I like the sound of it, so I now use it as a greeting.)

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