Monday, March 5, 2012

A Bone One Would Prefer Not to Break

Today's session of my music theory course was canceled. Wednesday's class may be canceled as well. i'm not going to tell my mom about this because she might volunteer to teach the class, which would cuse all my classmates to hate me.

Anyway, the professor went to a local roller rink with his kids. At one point during each skating session, they clear the rink and move every skater who is willing participate in a giant game of the Hokey Pokey. My professor unfortunately elected to participate in the Hokey Pokey. equally unfortunately, he fell on his coccyx during the Hokey Pokey dance. The fall must have been particularly hard, as the poor guy fractured his coccyx.

There is a certain honor that comes with some injuries. Most sports injuries, unless they're injuries to unmentionable parts of one's body, carry with them a certain esteem. There is positively no dignity in fracturing one's coccyx doing the Hokey Pokey. Had I been the professor, I probably would have said it was a hip fracture, and I definitely wouldn't admitted even under Chinese water torture that the injury occurred while I was playing the Hokey Pokey and turning myself around, even if that was what it was all about.


  1. I injured my knee showing off my jump rope tricks to my daughter. Wound up on crutches so couldn't hide it. Another embarrassing one for a parent to admit. :)

  2. Ouch.Poor professor. A broken hip or a broken arse? Yep. I know which sounds classier.