Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not Bad for an Opening Night Performance

The vocals were good. The choreography went pretty well. The only things that went wrong were when one of the bottle dancers dropped the bottle off his head  and broke it all over the stage, and when Tevye went totally blank on a line. I did what you're not supposed to do, which is to turn my back on the audience somewhat, but in doing so was able to mount the words to him. The director said I did the right thing.

I had over twenty people from my extended family/pseudo-family in attendance. The cast was going out to dinner, but I went with the family instead because it would have rude of me not to have gone with them. the cast will go out for dinner after several performance.

The student-published daily paper (Monday through Friday) had a reviewer there. It will be interesting to read what they have to say in tomorrow's edition. The local newspaper has a policy of publicizing but not reviewing student performances, They don't want to write anything brutal about student productions, but what would be the point of writing anything at all if they were not honest? I get their point. The student paper is brutally honest. it's OK. I can take it.

We had finals this week, along with our final week of rehearsal. I'm glad  I studied hard early in the trimester. I was able to manage my finals with minimal last-minute cramming, and my projects were all completed long ago.

Spring break has begun. After Saturday night, our play is on hiatus for a week except for two rehearsals. I'm not allowed to go to anyplace for vacation where I'm likely to be pepper-sprayed, so it's just another vacation for me.

Kei hea te wharepaku?  If anyone knows what Maori question means, tell me.


  1. Did you pay the adusience not to boo and throw tomatoes from your off0key singing?

    1. Anonytrollimous person, install Firefox on your computer. That way your spelling mistakes will be removed and people might not think quite so badly of you as we do, now. (Actually, that's highly unlikely, come to think of it. Our opinion of you would not be better.)

  2. Elder Benson, shouldn't you be out proselyting and handing out Books of Mormon instead of spending your days trolling on the Internet?
    You second-least favorite cousin

  3. Interesting exchange above. I hope all is well. I'm glad your performance went well, and I hope it continues on. I think refraining from going places where you could be pepper sprayed might be a good thing through out life, you may want to take that one to heart. :))