Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Friend Paganini and The Ever Elusive Sleep

My dad got home about ninety minutes ago. I talked him into running through the Paganini Cantabile that we're playing together for my recital. It took him about half a century to tune his guitar, but then he played his part perfectly, so I suppose it was worth the wait.  I played through a few other pieces as well, ncluding the Elgar sonata I'm using as my modern selection. I don't love it , but then, I couldn't find anything modern that I loved. Elgar is at least tolerable.. Tomorrow evening I'll rehearse with pseudouncle, who is my acompanist. I won't play through the flute/violin piece until Friday night, but I'm confident that my flutist will nail her part and that the parts will go together. There's little point in worrying about it at this point. In a worst-case scenario, my mom could play the part. I've practiced with her already.

I can't pretend that it's business as usual this week, although I've at least already been accepted into medical school. Nothing I do or don't do correctly in my recital will change that.

My brother was accepted into a medical school, and it's a very good one, but it's in the northeast. (Incidentally, I've received notification of four other acceptances, but I've already committed to my first choice.) He doesn't really want to spend the next four winters fighting hypothermia and frostbite, but he would prefer that to attending medical school in, say, Grenada.  He's decided to pay the deposit and to hope that an almost equally prestigious school in a warmer climate accepts him. Forfeiting the deposit would be a small price to pay, and I believe he gets the deposit back anyway  if the school fills all its slots, which it quite possibly will.

I shall attempt sleep, though I fear it may be a futile attempt. I hope that anyone else on the North American continent who is reading soon finds sleep. Those on other continents, have a great day.

winter carnival at Dartmouth

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