Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills: Revolting Non-Entertainment

25-year-old "kids"
I just watched what is perhaps the most disgusting program currently on TV. It's been touted as having been created for the purpose of making the Kardashians appear more down-to-Earth. I'm not sure it succeeds in that regard, as a TV show cannot accomplish the un-accomplishable. All it does accomplish is to make everyone on or associated with the program look every bit as stupid as they all presumably are.

The show of which I write is Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. I have issues, for openers, with the title. Since when are twenty-five-year-olds kids? Just because the two main characters haven't completed college and have no jobs and are essentially irresponsible derelicts doesn't make them kids. I'll be finished with medical school and  at least mid-way through my residency by the time I'm as old as they are.

The two protagonists (or maybe they're antagonists; I can't tell what it is the producers want us to think or feel about these vapid people) are twenty-five year old Dorothy Wang and Megan Stewart. Both women are intellect-challenged, have over-inflated egos, and possess equally oversized senses of entitlement.

Probably what offended me more than any one thing was reading an interview of Morgan Stewart in which she said, "I could have gone to medical school; That just wasn't the path I chose." I have news for her. No, Morgan Stewart, you could not have gone to medical school. A person has to have a functioning brain in order to go to medical school. You are not even approaching smart enough to go to dental assistant school school, much less to go to medical school. You are stupid, Morgan Stewart. Medical school students are smart. You may have a lot of money, but money doesn't buy looks, class, or intelligence. You have less than you think of the first, almost none of the second, and even less of the third.

Dorothy Wang is only marginally less disgusting than her friend Morgan Stewart.  She didn't anger me by falsely stating that she could have gone to medical school had that been her choice, but I still don't like her.

It was by chance that I saw tonight's epsiode of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. I don't plan to watch this show again because, as I said once before in discussing a TV program I can't even remember, it's remotely possible that my family is a Nielson family and that I just don't know it because no one bothered to tell me.  I would very much hate to unwittingly help this show to stay on the air by watching and having my viewing of it charted in the favor of the idiots who star in the show or the idiots who produce it.

We as a society have better things to do than to watch such drivel. I will provide a very finite list of supplementary activities that are better uses of one's time than is watching Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. 

More Worthwhile Activities Than Watching Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

1.   defungizing one's toenails
2.   having a colonosocpy, endoscopy, or both
3.   learning to play the harp
4.   perfecting the skill of writing with one's non-dominant hand
5.   playing Monopoly
6.   memorizing The Declaration of Independence if one has not already done so
7.   painting one's garage [if one owns a garage]
8.   applying to medical school
9.   rotating one's tires or someone else's tires
10. memorizing the bones in the human body
11. volunteering in a soup kitchen
12. collecting toiletries for a homeless or battered women's shelter
13. baking bread
14. watching "Judge Alex" while it's still around
15. conducting one's monthly breast self-exam
16. collecting cans for recycling
17. completing one's local newspaper's daily crossword puzzle
18. singing in a community choir
19. becoming a page turner for a piano accompanist
20. walking a dog
21. perfecting the art of walking on crutches
22. making crank phone calls
23. making meatloaf
24. finger painting
25. watching a live trial in person
26. sitting on a beach

I could go on all night, but I'll stop. My point is that we as a society are better than this vacuous program, and we have more important things to do with our time than to watch it and to make these twenty-five-year-old self-titled  "rich kids" even richer. If you really like the show, by all means you should watch it, but my suspicion is that you are, as am I, too smart to sit through more than a single episode.


  1. I dunno about med school students always being smart. I think it depends on the school. There was that creepy doctor I wrote about a couple of weeks ago who got busted for being a pedophile. I've also run into some dumb docs in military hospitals...

    But it does sound like these two twits aren't very smart or entertaining. Hopefully, their show will die a quick death.

  2. My personal opinion is that they have to have a degree of intelligence to be admitted to all but the most corrupt of med schools. That doesn't mean they won't be weirder than hell or morally bankrupt, as sanity and character are more difficult for which to screen than intelligence.Common sense is also an occasional missing component.