Wednesday, January 8, 2014

braces and other equally weighty matters

You can somewhat see my braces in this picture from a music department event last night. Either that, or it looks as though I have gray teeth. Seriously, can you picture the splindly-legged girl in the middle of this photo in medical school in eight months? I will stand out like a sore thumb. Perhaps TLC would like to  pick up my story and do a reality show based on the female version of a real-life Doogie Howser. I'm kidding, of course; my life is sufficiently screwed up without a reality TV show. I don't even want to to think of how bad it might be with one.

I didn't mention this because I didn't want to think about it, much less write about it, but I'm doing a short stint in braces. I needed to wait for my second set of molars to arrive before my orthodontist knew for certain whether or not braces would be a necessity. The situation is a bit iffy, as in if my parents were poor, the dentist would probably wait to see if a problem came up and deal with it if necessary. My orthodontist probably has a boat payment with which he needs assistance.

I probably won't have the braces for more than a year, or maybe for even less, but  they'll still be with me when I go to medical school. Just in case I wouldn't have stood out enough  in medical school already, I now will have braces to make me look even more ridiculous and out of place.

Further compounding the problem is that eating is made more difficult by braces. Just when my weight had almost stabilized at 90,  I now have things on my teeth that make them hurt. I have a list of foods I am not supposed to eat. "Anorexis" (my middle school and high school nickname) is probably back for the foreseeable future.

Some people my age and other ages are losing their hair due to of chemotherapy. I have braces on my teeth. My complaints pale in comparison, but the knowledge that I'm a whiny brat will do nothing to make me look older when I show up for medical school in September.

Judge Alex had braces when he attended police academy. Which is worse, braces in a police academcy, or braces in medical school?


  1. I think it would be more strange if you looked older.
    You look so young that the braces look like they're supposed to be there. Hopefully you won't need them for very long.

  2. I wore braces on my top teeth for 10 months when I was 16. They were ceramic braces, though, so you couldn't see them from a distance. I have a photo of myself at a horse show, smiling. You can't really tell I'm wearing braces. I'm surprised something similar wasn't offered to you.

    The aching will go away eventually. I agree with Rebecca, too. You look very young, so the braces don't look weird on you. And you'll be rewarded with a beautiful smile! Hopefully, they'll come off sooner rather than later.

  3. Why didn't you use the invisible braces (invisalign). That would have solved a lot of your problems. It won't see in a photograph or if you look from a distance. But as Rebecca and knotty said, the braces don't look weird on you. It actually looks in sync (for the lack of a better word).
    According to me the best option you have is to put on the 6 months braces. It will be removed in 6 months, you won't have to put it for a year or more. Then probably by the time you join medical school you can remove it.

  4. I was told the reason for not using invisalign was that they're more expensive and I'm going to have the braces for a relatively short interval.

    Thanks for responding!

  5. Let's cross our fingers that you won't be needing braces for more than a year. I know how hard it is to have braces, but I guess it's worth it, knowing that you have them for a reason. Anyway, I hope you find out whether or not they'll be staying long soon. Keep us updated! :)

    Dr. Gerald Regni