Saturday, January 25, 2014

Crazy People On the Twitter.

                                           PHOTO REMOVED SO I WON'T BE SUED

I've been mildly obnoxious on the Twitter in the past few days.  Several weeks ago my buddy Judge Alex posted a picture of himself with his mother on various social media. I tweeted a response that he resembled his mother except that she was prettier. I did not have to respond, nor did I have to say his mother was prettier, though it was the truth.   Had I said he was prettier than his mother, THAT would have been rude, but telling a man his mother is prettier than he is not all that insulting. A fellow tweeter, however, took exception to my words.

  1. OMG..You really wrote that here? That's terrible... Why would U ever write that?
  2. Dec 30
    retweeted your Retweet

I casually read her right-wing nut  job tweets until she posted something rude to someone else, who happened in this case to be Megyn Kelly.

Then I tweeted her own words back to her.

  1. Your hair looked better then...go back to it. Look at all the favorites you got!!!
  2. OMG..You really wrote that here? That's terrible..Why would U ever write that?

She didn't respond, which is just as well. She's a tea-bagging  idiot. Not all right-wing ideologues are idiots, but she is. The two of us have little to absolute zero common ground.

Recently I made another comment.

For the record, I was referring to the production company as opposed to not the cable news channel. The impetus for my comment was the canncellation of Judge Alex.  Another right-winger misconstrused my intent and commented.

ARE YOU KIDDING? yet another FOX hater, who has never watched. Good lord, we are in trouble

I didn't bother to correct her misconception in my response.

Who hasn't watched Fox? I've watched FOX. While I'm not a hater, I'm a FOX disliker.

She responded:

I'm sorry, if you've watched it, then there is no way you can dislike it. :)

I used Merriam-Webster's definition of bigot without using the term itself in my reply:

I'm sorry, but I find your obstinate devotion to your own thought processes to be most scary.

She dismissed me with a condescending:

*shakes head* lol never mind.

I can't help wondering if either of these birther basket cases, has any cluse that it's a nineteen-year-old know-nothing on whome they're wasting their tweets.
I really need to get my real life back. In seven days and three or so hours, my rehearsal will be finished and I'll have my life back.

I hope no one else takes this nonsense seriously. I certainly don't. at the same time, I think both of these women, if they're really women, are morons.


  1. Haha... yeah... there really is no point in arguing with them. And that goes for everything, not just politics. I say them, because I believe their idea of conservative ideology is the polar opposite of what conservative ideology actually is. You can't say that you support a small government and be anti-gay marriage. That makes you a hypocrite.

    In regards to Fox News, have you watched them recently? They seem to have nothing to report on. Their morning show played the same viral YouTube video, no kidding, over 20 times. And that was before they interviewed the video makers. And then there was Mike Huckabee calling Jahi McMath's doctors Nazis. Did you read the medical report from her doctors? The girl is beginning to decompose. There's been a lot going on with Fox News lately that I don't agree with. At all.

  2. Maybe if Hizzoner goes to work for them he can fix things. He supposedly has some sort of a deal up his sleeve that he cannot yet disclose.

  3. Regarding Jahi McMath, the situation is sad to the point of being gross. I understand that no one should lose a thirteen-year-old to a tonsillectomy, but it's already happened, and she's gone. She's dcomposing? Wow.


    ^ This is the statement from one of the doctors that examined Jahi. It's an interesting read, given all that has been publicized about the case.