Friday, September 27, 2013

Second Night in the Big House

This is the piano motif sofa that I have in my dorm room. I think I showed the one in my room at home already. It's shaped differently -- the back curves up. I think this one is more comfortable. I'll see if I can find the picture I have of the one I have at home.

Here's the one in my room at home. It's more for appearance than comfort,
though it's nor THAT uncomfortable.

Even though I have no classes tomorrow, I'm staying tonight in the dorms just because I'm not going to get to know anyone if I'm here one day and gone the next on a regular basis. (My mom said she was proud of me for being a big girl and staying in the dorm tonight even though I don't really need to. Will these people ever figure out that I've grown up?)Once I've established something resembling a peer group, it will be less a big deal to slip out mid-week and spend a night at home, or to spend Thursday nights in the comfort of my room at home since I have no classes on Friday. For the next few weeks I'll probably spend Thursday nights in the dorm.

The movie we watched last night was Serial Buddies. I admit that it was mildly funny. No one in the group I was with last night is watching anything tonight because of homework concerns. No one wants to get off to a bad start, and I think they're wise to feel that way. I jutst had my two lit classes today. I already did about a third of the reading I'll need to do for Anglo-Irish lit, as I was very productive today. The other class was the independent study class where we regurgitate literature verbatim. I wrote out several hundred lines of poetry. It's undecided as to whehter we will write the lines of poetry and prose for exams or will be provided computers for the task. We obviously can't use our own laptops, as it would be too easy to store volumes of literature in one's laptop and just pull it up for the exam. I personally don't care one way or another whether or not we are provided computers for the exams. As long as we're all working under the same conditions, it's a level playing field.

I did neglect practice a bit, though. I got in two hours on violin and one on the digital piano in my room. I didn't make it home to practice, and I won't practice in the music department's practice rooms because I don't want to give any secrets away. I will need to be diligent in my practice this weekend. The only time anyone will hear me in the music building is if they bother to show up for my 7:00 a.m. Wednesday lesson and lurk outside in the hallway. I chose that time for that deliberate purpose. I would never schedule a class for that time, but I'm never going to no-show a professor for a one-on-one lesson. Then I'll have two more classes that morning and be finished for the day. My schedule this quarter is optimal for lots of practice time.

My Aunt (not real aunt) Ilianna brough several dozen cookies to the dorm today. She was hovering over Jillian, who has been sick, and Scott told her she needed to go home and bake cookies for kids in the dorms because some of them are homesick, and cookies make homesick kids feel better. I put left them in two tupperware containers in separate locations with a sign that anyone could help himself or herself. They didn't last long. Maybe Scott is right that cookies help homesick kids, or maybe the boys were just hungry.

Next weekend or the weekend after that, depending upo what's good for my parents, I may invite a large group of people (my floor of the dorm and the boys who hang around on my floor, and pretty much anyone else who wants to come; I'll just post signs and announce that there can't be booze at the party because my parents will drive them back to the dorms if they're drinking or drunk; they can save that for the party AFTER the party to come for my house to swim, since the pool is still heated, and to watch a movie. We'll order pizza unless one of my parents offers to cook or barbecue. The nice thing about having ut away so much of my eanings in high school is that I can afoord on rare occasions to spring for pizza for a mid-sized to large group. My parents would probably end up paying for it anyway.

I watched the Daily Show and Colbert with a couple of kids who came into my room. Almost everyone has a TV, but my room has more comfortable seating space. I have the small musical sofa, the extra bed that pulls out, a beanbag chair (dated but comfy) and a rug. I can accommodate a decent sized roup. They do have to learn not to be pigs in terms of their eating habits in my room, as I have a healthy aversion to both roaches and rodents.

This blog is ended. Go now in peace to love and serve the Lord and to work on any piggish eating habits you may have inadvertently developed.

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