Monday, September 23, 2013

Status Quo

NOT my dorm room
Now that I've forced the computer to at least divide sections of writing into paragraphs, I'll probably stay here. I like the my background. On the other hand, it sucks not to be able to change fonts or font sizes, or to insert videos, or, for that matter, to use spell-check, which is a valuable tool for a typist as poor as I. whatever. I don't think it was a computer or Bolgspot malfunction, but perhaps I'm paranoid and it was. If anyone knows how to repair these defects, please clue me in. My dad has no time to look at my computer. (He's busy looking for cures for leukemia and lymphoma. He says that whenever he doesn't want to do something. I happen to know he's holed up in his office [which has a TV now that I'm too old to be sent there for time-outs] watching ESPN Classic.)

This is my last Monday off for a long time. I should not complain about my week, though, as my only day with classes is Thursday, and I only have two classes on Thursday. I will practice with three of the people I'm accompanying for their senior recitals. It's ovrkill, as their recitals are not intil November. You usually get two rehearsals with your accompanist, and these people will probably get five because of my immense generosity. it's all good, though, as I could't live with myslef if I screwed up someone's senior recital.

My Godmother is coming tomorrow to put the finishing touches on my dorm room. Most of the stuff was delivered yesterday and today. She's bringing bedding, pictures, etc.

Living in the dorms --even when I know I can go home anytime I feel like it, 24 hours of the day -- is still going to be a real trip. I haven't been around people my own age since fourth grade. I'm fine with all their silliness as long as they don't leave their popcorn in the microwave for too long and cause the alarm to go off and everyone to have to evacuate at 3:00 a.m. I also don't want people throwing up in the halls. I hear the boys are worse about that than the girls, but I may be wrong. Their noise I can handle. I'm more worried about my noise if I have a nightmare than the stupid noises they may make.

I'll help my Godmother apply the finishing touches to the dorm room, and we'll go out to lunch with my mom. Then I'll put in more practice. I wish it weren't too late to scrap the piano rectial, but my mom says that would be foolish, as the piano is my major instrument.

This blog is ended. Go now in peace to love and serve the ord and to make as much noise as you want as long as you don't smoke up the dorms and set the fire alrms ogf with your microwave popcorn.

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