Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Final Day of Freedom


piano, violin, and beach in that order

I'm not sure how much of a day of freedom it is when I need to practice three hours each of violin and piano, but it's my final day before classes begin. I'm already knocked off two hours of piano pratice. i need to finish up before 2:00 or so, becuse my friend Alyssa is coming and we're going to the beach. She's about 50 minutes south of here, but the 101 isn't too busy at that time of day.
she'llwait until rush hour traffic has passed to return.

My mom thinks that, other than the Billy Joel "Fantasies and Delusions' or whatever he calls it, my piano pices are there to the point that i can afford to play each piece though every day or two. There's apparently such a gthing as practicing two much, so that pieces begin to sound mechanical. Once a pice is nailed, it's probably better just to play it periodically and otherwise to prace scales, trillls, Hanon and Czerny finger exercises, etc. she doesn't know about my encore, so I practice that when she's not around. It doesn't matter if my dad is around or not. I could be playing Beethowen with one hand and something composed by Lennnon and mccartney with the other, and he would think both sounded equally bad. It's not that he's musically ignorant. He just doesn't think a grat deal of my piano playing, or at least doesn't pay much attention to it.

I was looking at next quarter's course offerings. i'm going to need to go light with course load again becuase of medical school interviews. I can hope to knock off a few interviews for schools whose breaks don't match up with my schools, especially since winter break is essentially ruined by the temporary ban on snowboarding. But I'm still going to have to miss a few classes unless I'm able to schedule all my interviews for Fridays, when I have no classes. My last Thursday class ends at 2:00, so that's adequate time to get to an airport for an early evening flight to most plaaces I'll fly. Most places in southern California I'll drive. Since I have at least two interviews in the SF Bay Area, I'll try to coordinate them even if it means missing a day of class.

Until I woke up early, I had been asleep for about twelve hours, and I haven't looked at any news sites on my computer yet. As far as I know, God forbid, we could've had the equivalent to another 9/11 attack. I doubt anyone in my house would have woken me to tell me about it. it's a strange feeling to have been disconnected to the world for even that amount of time. I wonder about people who go on extended backpacking trips. Even thinking back to the time I broke my leg and was basically unconscious for about five days, I wonder how I survived it even though I was just fifteen. I don't like being disconnected from reality. My dad says I am even when I'm fully conscious and plugged in. Whatever.

This blog is ended. Go now in peace to love and serve the Lord and to practice whatever it is that you play or do.


  1. I was unconscious for the last couple of hours... but then the damn phone woke me up. Stupid telemarketers.

    1. We're supposedly on some kind of no-call list, but the charities alone will kill you. (I'm always scared to cut some cop off with a "thanks, but no thanks" when he's hitting us up with one cop charity or another, in case he might look up our plates and pull one of us over if he gets a chance, but we'd be on an awfully long list.) My parents are actually fairly charitable people, but they do absolutely no charitable contributions over the phone. If it's the cops or whoever, they'; tell them to send something in the mail and they'll look it over and make a decision. The bottom line concerning charities is that even if you're Bill Gates, you cannot help everyone who could use your help. Sometimes you have to pick and choose, and your decisions may even be arbitrary.

      Besides that, people who are selling things do sneak through. I don't know if it's because they're with Southern California Edison or whoever is our cell phone or land line carrier or television service provider, and that somehow makes it OK, or if they're just violating the terms of the law.

      Sorry your sleep was interrupted.