Wednesday, September 18, 2013

All practicing and no play makes Alexis even duller than she normally is.

two friends -- though not Megan and I --- studying

I'm practicing too much. One can do too much of a good thing to the extent that the practice is counterproductive and one's skill level is either going nowhere or backwards.

My friend Megan doesn't have any classes tomorrow, so I'm visiting her about an hour away for the day. We'll just do fun things, and I'll help her with one paper she thinks is going to be difficult. I get a charge out of doing things like that. I'm not going to actually author the paper for her, but I'll give her  good start, a good finish, and an outline for her middle paragraphs. I'll help her brush up a bit on calculus as well.  It never came as easily to her as it did to me in high school.  She's no dummy, but calculus can be complicated, and I'll be available a needed to tutor her.

On Friday I'll be back to practicing, since I have my final six hours of lab internship this weekend and will only get in a bit of violin and piano practice. My aunt and uncle don't care if I practice during waking hours.

I have my first class a week from today, but then I have Friday off, just like I have every Friday off unless I need to meet with a piano or violin professor.

I'm getting a new piano professor. My old one was over-booked, so I volunteered to be one of the ones to switch. My mom is taking much of her clientele, but there's an obvious conflict of interest in my mom being my piano professor. My old professor didn't like me all that much and wasn't looking out for my best interests anyway, so I think it's best for everyone this way. She was the one who wanted me to switch my recital at the last minute to early September. Had I been given three months notice I might have considered it, but I wasn't the one who was so over-confident as to schedule my recital for early September.  They guy couldn't find anyone to trade, so he didn't get his deposit on the hall refunded, but he found an open date in November for his recital. It's like a Wednesday night, which isn't optimal, but he was lucky to get any date at all. His recital will be the Wednesday night before mine on the following Sunday. I think I'm actually glad to follow him as opposed to having him follow me. I'm reasonably certain I have the last date that is allowed. (I could have also done my recital the following quarter, but I'm glad I'm getting it out of the way this quarter, and I'm also happy to have the final piano recital of the quarter.) It's sort of like being the final skater in a competition even though we're in theory not competing with each other in our recitals.

This blog is ended. Go now in peace to love and serve the Lord and to help your friends with homework but not actually to do it for them. There is a difference, and most of us know what it is.

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