Monday, June 10, 2013

A Perverted Professor?

One student in my Psychopathology class had just taken a final in another class -- one that had soething to do with addictions.  One of the essay questions she was asked to answer was the following: If you had to give up either sex or mood-altering substances in any form, including the auto sexual method, or any and all mood-altering substances for the rest of your life, which would you choose, and why? The girl said she's always suspected the professor was a complete pervert, and this question confirmed her suspicions. Then she asked around among others in the class, and in the twenty  of twenty-four or so students she was able to ask, her test was the only one containing that question. She said the professor was very specific in handing out tests. The tests of students other than hers that she asked were identical. We all encouraged her to contact a dean today before tests could be destroyed. She's taking a chance on her grade being lowered, but she already has one B on her record, so she's not risking ruining a perfect GPA, plus she's scored 93 or higher on every other test or assignment, and she's confident she nailed this exam (including the invasive question), so the professor would have a tough time  justifying giving her anything less than an A. The key is that the dean has to act quickly.

The professor in our Psychopathology class, who  is a department chair,  accompanied her to the appropriate dean's office to ensure that she was seen promptly and that prompt action was taken. (I initially thought he was kind of a jerk, but I think my first impression was wrong.) Chances are that the test would be destroyed or hidden as soon as the professor had a chance to read it. Quick action needed to be taken. If either her final exam came up missing or all the exams disappeared, that in and of itself would be damning for the professor's case.

My finals in Psychopathology and Asian American Queer Studies were mildly fun. Both were multiple essay. Grades should be posted by Thursday on both of them.  Some of the statistics quoted in Asian American queer Studies literature are astounding to the point that they would be or are offensive to some, so I won't mention them here. Suffice it to say that  Asian cultures in general are not gay-friendly, and one from one of such cultures would not expect a welcome from family and friends upon emerging from the closet. Our course focused on eastern Asian cultures as opposed to the Mideast and the subcontinent, but I can't see either of those locales being much more -- and perhaps even less -- open and affirming concerning homosexuality.

Other than the prison interviews, Psychopathology was always a blast, and comparing notes on prison experiences was fun. I was the only person in the class whose interviewee had to be cuffed and led back to his cell mid-interview. After the fact, it seems rather funny.

I have only Sports Sociology, which should be fun, or, at the very least, painless,  first on Wednesday. I brushed up on readings and notes tonight. Tomorrow I will devote to the Mother of All Finals: The Mechanics and Physics of Fractures.  My dad was looking over the course materials and quizzing me, and he says I'm ready,but I am taking no chances whatsoever.


  1. I was never a straight A student except in grad school. The prospect of getting a B or a C was never that big of a deal to me. I even got a few Ds in my college career. I guess that's why I'm an overeducated housewife!

    That was a very odd question that prof asked. I'll be interested to find out what happens in the wake of that.

  2. And... I was only a straight A student during a couple of semesters when I was studying social work...

    The idea of ruining a 4.0 average is foreign to me... ;-)