Thursday, May 14, 2015

We Thank Thee, O God, for Funny-Looking Prophets

Gordon Hinckley

I seriously would've cut off the Yoda juxtaposition if I'd had the time. I personally think the picture would be at least as funny without Yoda horning in on Spencer's publicity, anyway..

Focusing upon appearance is shallow, but,  at least when I'm not studying heavy academic content,, I'm as shallow as the next person.

My most recent  point of shallowness is as follows: In a field of often funny-looking men, which one is or was the  funniest looking? We're  talking about the men in their  living states. Plaster death casts do not count.

Anyhow, of all LDS General Authorities  past and present (even consider Warren and his band of fundie authorities if you so desire; I'm not picky), which one has or had the finniest appearance?

If you're offended by this blog, please ignore it. If you leave any comments complaining about my degree of shallowness, I will probably delete them because I already know how shallow I am. I don't need to hear it from anyone else. Furthermore, don't bother telling me how plain, ugly, homely, or otherwise funny-looking I am, because I'm already well aware that I'm no Miss World or Playboy Centerfold. I also know that the advancement of age isn't going to be a great friend to me in terms of the development of my physical beauty or lack thereof. So make your insulting comments about my appearance if it helps you to feel better about how shallow and evil I'm being, but I WILL delete the comments unless they're REALLY funny.

Give me a freaking break.  I'vee  had an incredibly tough day. I killed an already dead cadaver, among other atrocities, at school today. It's midterm exam time. I am trying to maintain what little sanity I have left. This pseudo- survey is helping me to do so.

I believe Gordon Hinckley and Spencer Kimball to be the two funniest-looking GA's of all time. That's merely my opinion, though. Let us hear what others think.

If finding fault with my syntax, spelling, sentence structure, or any other aspect of my English usage allows you to feel better about yourself, by all means take whatever shots at my writing that you feel so inspired to take. This is all about feeling good.


  1. Wasn't Hinckley the one who made that crack to missionaries about how they weren't much to look at? Someone should have handed him a mirror.

  2. I've heard the current prophet, Thomas S. Monson, compared to the Danny DeVito version of the Penguin in the Batman series.

    Like you, I don't really care about how they look. But given how full of themselves they are, they sort of ask for the ridicule.

  3. On a date with a beautiful college woman, Cheryl, she told me the following. Moses and Jesus were playing golf. Jesus said that he knew exactly how to play this hole since he saw Tiger Woods do it. Moses said "You are not Tiger Woods." So Jesus hits the ball and it goes into the pond.

    So Moses went over and parted the pond and got the ball. Jesus said that he was trying it again since he saw Tiger Woods do it. Moses said "Okay but I am not getting it, if it goes in the pond." Jesus says "Okay." So Jesus hits it and it and it goes into the pond again. So Jesus walks on the water, reaches down and gets the ball.

    A guy is watching this and walking by Moses. He says to Moses, "Who does that guy think that he is, Jesus Christ?" And Moses says, "No! He thinks he is Tiger Woods!"