Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Tests, tests, more tests, still, and then even more tests!

One of my profs  felt our pain and thought he would tell us a cute little joke to make us feel better...

There was a medical professor fond of giving ridiculously difficult exams, to which he fondly referred as "quizzies." In the midst of one such quizzie, which dealt with, among other things, gaseous transport through the body (that's not the same as passing gas, incidentally), a female student became frustrated to the point of explosion over the difficulty of the "quizzie." She threw the test paper on the floor and stomped on it. "If this is one of your quizzies," she shouted at the professor, "I'd certainly HATE to see one of your testes!"


  1. Ha ha ha!!! I bet she would have stomped on that, too! Good luck on your quizzies, Alexis!

  2. I need all the luck I can get, but i have studied about as much as is humanly possible, and I'm a reasonably efficient studier.