Monday, May 4, 2015

Jesus Wants Me for a Zombie

I probably should be studying rather than posting, but as far as studying goes, there comes a time when either enough is enough or it is time to find a new course of study, I'm hoping that enough truly is enough where my studying is concerned, as I really don't want to find another course of study.

Tonight I studied independently. I did run a few things by my brother, and I consulted with my pal just around the corner from me who is an intern. I think I've committed to memory everything I can memorize up to this point. I've even memorized a few things I don't fully understand because they haven't come up yet in lecture.  I assume that it will all come together for me when it's discussed in lecture, or maybe even before. One other time I memorized a huge section of text that I didn't understand. Two nights later I had a dream about it, and then it was all perfectly clear. As I see it, my dreams work against me more often than they should, so if a dream works in my favor once in a great while, It's only fair. The only problem with dreaming about text that I've memorized is that I wake up not rested in the least. When one spends her sleeping hours working out the vagaries of medical science, one cannot expect to get quality sleep.

Midterms are coming up next week. I'll also be able to run next week. Running should help me burn off nervous energy related to midterms. i don't actually have that much nervous energy related to midterms, though. I just want to run. Testing is less work for me than lecture. with lecture, I always worry about whether or not I missed anything. /with tests, its simply a matter or regurgitating what is known and synthesizing a bit from what has been learned. It's actually much less stressful than dealing with lecture. not everyone agrees with me about this, but it's my personal philosophy and I'm sticking to it.

It's so nice to slip into a bathtub r shower without the hassle of triple-wrapping my leg in garbage bags. I'm still using my handicapped placard because I cannot yet ride my bike, and if I park in general parking, I'll be handicapped by the time I walk the distance from the outer limits of student parking to the medical science building. If it matters. my orthopedist told me to continue to use the placard until next week. At that point, I'll send it back. I'm not a total reprobate.

In just over another month, final exams will be well underway. Then shortly thereafter, my final summer vacation as I've come to know it will have begun. Maybe I should have gone to law school. I would have had one more summer vacation had I chosen law as a course of study. C'est la vie. If I earn enough money, I can eventually afford to take two to three months off every year if that's what I really want to do. It's those next few years of getting to that point that are likely to kill me before I get there, though.  


  1. You're better off in med school. There is a huge glut of lawyers and a lot of them aren't all that happy with their work.

  2. I love the sleeping to understand stuff. In engineering school we had a huge problem set for each class every week. My game plan was usually to start each one and complete all I could until I didn't understand on the first day. Then I would sleep and usually be able to do more the next day. I think I read somewhere that one benefit of sleeping is that your brain subconsciously works out information for you. I never dreamed about course work as far as I can remember but I don't remember most of my dreams either.