Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bobby Flay-ming @$$hole

I have no clue as to why Bobby Flay looks the way he does in this picture. Perhaps he groped the wrong person's sister, girlfriend, or wife. Then again, maybe he tried to ride one of his race horses and fell off.

The Bobby Flay/Stephanie March split, which started out ugly, appears to be growing even uglier. Flay now claims that March's health problems -- including endometriosis and a ruptured appendix -- are a result of a vain cosmetic procedure -- specifically a boob job. I'm not sure where and when Flay obtained his medical doctorate. I don't have one either, but I'm three years and two weeks closer to having one than Bobby Flay is.  Wait! Make that seven years and two weeks closer; Flay didn't go to college and was a high school dropout. 

So I'm not sure where Bobby Flay got his apparently highly reliable medical information that a boob job, good or bad, can cause one's appendix to rupture. Such hasn't been taught in any of my courses yet this year. Perhaps it's a second-year topic for study. Third and fourth years are largely sent in clinical rotations, with some lectures and research time  but limited classroom  hours. Where bobby Flay is concerned, however, it's largely a moot point. He's not going to any medical school anytime soon.

Flay appears to be grasping at straws, or more appicably, grasping at boobs, which is something at which Flay has grown quite proficient.  He had the reputation of a womanizer long before Stephanie March met him. When he fell in love with her, he appeared to change for the better. Alas, the change was temporary. A true leopard isn't going to change his spots, a zebra is not going to change is stripes, and a serial adulterer isn't likely to change his adulterous ways. The whole thing makes me incredibly sad, as theirs seemed like such a fairy tale relationship.

If my information  is correct, Ms. March has been suffering with endometriosis for a long time -- long before any boob job ever happened -- and to criticize an actress for  a cosmetic procedure is roughly akin to criticizing a neurosurgeon for having cataract surgery.  Expectations regarding appearance come with the territory of being a female in the entertainment industry. Actress Patricia Heaton has openly discussed the topic, detailing what procedures she's undergone, explaining the need, and going so far as to tell "normal" women it's not fair to compare their own appearances to those of women in entertainment, who must go under the knife unless they are willing to drastically limit the jobs for which they will be even considered.

When I first became aware of Bobby Flay, I was not impressed. I found him to be haughty and full of himself. He blamed the public perception of his cockiness on his being a native New Yorker. While I'm not an expert on the subject of the personalities of native New Yorkers, I'll venture a guess that not a huge percentage of them walk around with the aura of arrogance Bobby Flay seems to exude. Stephanie March appeared to diffuse some of the air of pretension surrounding Flay, but now that she's no longer in his life, the hubris has returned, if anything, stronger than ever. 

Didn't Flay say initially that he would take the high road regarding accusations in the divorce battle? Perhaps I dreamed it and he never actually said it, but either way, he's certainly not taking any high roads in even mentioning his estranged wife's cosmetic procedure, mush less in detailing it and blaming it for her ruptured appendix.
and even had the cosmetic procedure been the cause for her ruptured appendix, is that really a good reason for him to be anywhere but at the hospital while his wife is having her ruptured appendix removed? With husbands like Bobby Flay, who needs enemies?

Go back to high school, Bobby Flay. Perhaps you will learn there in a biology class that there is a considerable distance between a human breast and an appendix, and surgery on one doesn't typically cause the other to rupture. And, ideally, go to a high school that teaches manners along with the standard curriculum you lack. Learn to pronouuce chipotle while you're there. (Hint: it has  three syllables when pronounced properly.)


  1. This is the first I've ever heard of this relationship... Indeed, I have only heard of Bobby Flay in passing. He sounds like a first class asshole.

  2. I had read a little about this (looked it up) when you mentioned a couple of weeks ago in your article about Stefanie March-- "most difficult time in her personal life."

    About 10% of women of child-bearing age have endometriosis. The pain during menstruation can be so bad that women are on disability from it and some women contemplate suicide. Many do not know that they have it. I helped a woman to get rid of all of her symptoms from it and I wrote an article on it.

    One's diet can greatly affect their menstruation. I learned that from a chef. Just kidding! That is what Bobby Flay does for a living. According to Obstetrics & Gynecology 2000;95:245-250 (© 2000) from The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, eating a vegetarian diet may ease premenstrual and menstrual symptoms.

    This woman with endometriosis had been trying to get pregnant but could not since endo can hurt fertility. Then she tried fasting for a few days before menstruation and that helped. Then I got her to stop smoking and become a vegetarian. She lost her excess weight. Something happened to her that I warned her about and she said that if I had not warned her about it, she would have been freaked out.

    Erica Robinson N.D. has on her blog that when she was an ND student, a teacher told her and classmates about healthy (it can also happen from health problems) bloodless menstruation that they had never heard of. So that is what happened to this woman that I was helping. After a few months of this (bloodless menstruation) she became pregnant and gave birth to twins-- a boy and a girl. She is on Facebook and she is a teacher in Reading, PA (Laurie Kercher). Freelea, the banana girl, had bloodless menstruation for a little while after switching to a diet of almost all raw food. She has over 100 videos on Youtube.

    Note that a change in diet can also cause someone who weighs 300 pounds to weigh 130 pounds. Here is the short URL for this article that I made up called end endo.

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  4. Here is something from the article: "The 2004 book Bottom Line's Prescription for Natural Cures by James F. Balch MD and Mark Stengler ND says about treating endometriosis:"

    "Avoid red meat and dairy products, all of which contain high levels of dioxins that act as environmental estrogens."

    Note that doing the following has been outlawed in most big countries like European Union (EU that includes 28 countries like UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany), Canada, Japan, Australia & New Zealand but is done in the U.S.A.

    Injecting cows with Bovine somatotropin or bovine somatotrophin (abbreviated bST and BST), or bovine growth hormone (BGH), that is a peptide hormone produced by cows' pituitary gland.

    1. My stomach would not have been ready for beef no atter what, but all of our beef and pork comes from a relaative who owns multiple dairies. Several of his dairies are organic, and he blocks off small plots on a few of them to raise organic beef and pork (we don;t eat much pork, but my dad likes ribs and bacon.) we get the meat at cost. Too much of it is still bad for you, but at least it's not injected with hormones.

    2. Kevin Trudeau says that there is a huge difference between meat and organic meat. Here is what he says, "The meat [beef] loaded with drugs, growth hormone, as well as feces and urine.... The fact is cows are vegetarian and should not be eating the type of feed given to them. Specifically they should not be eating ground up pigs, horses, goats, and other cows, most of which were sick and diseased and not capable of butchering for human consumption."