Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Not Exactly Quarantined, but Housebound

This isn't one of my 4th-year house call students, but he looks a lot like one who showed up yesterday. I like it when they send the cute guys. 

I was sent home from my first lecture because my coloring looked bad to my adviser.  He told me to stay home all day and that the Nazi sometimes in charge of Practice of Medicine cannot do anything about it. He sent three 4th-year med students to check on me during the day. Another 4th-year student is showing up in the early morning to decide if I can go to class tomorrow.

My adviser says I already know everything I need to know to ace the finals, and that my friends will share notes and review withe besides.

I don't have anything contagious. My dad ran a really thorough blood panel because I wanted to see my Godchild, and it had to be ascertained that I wasn't harboring anything the baby or his pregnant mother could catch.

Baby Andrew is so adorable. Even my friends who have never seen him before ainggree, and I don't think they were just saying it to humor me. Everyone sort of fought over who got to hold him and play with him. He won'y be seven months for three more days, and he'd already starting to let go of sofas and furniture and trying to walk on his own. His record is seven steps, but he'll be walking very soon, I suspect. He's a big boy like his daddy even though he was under five pounds at birth.. His mother is petite.

The next baby should be born early to mid July. That's a little early, but the mom has cystic fivrosis, and and she'll probably go into labor early. She's 27-qand-a half weeks a long now and is doing very well except tired a lot. After finals, i will move in and be her full-time nanny.

In June, my aunt and uncle from the Isle of Man will visit. They give their children strange names (Bliyten Manx and Antarctica Meringue). If my dad doesn't like the name someone gives their kid, he just calls the kid whatever be wants. Blitzen Manx is now known as Mutt. Antarctica Meringue used to be Kitty Carry-All, but now my dad has changed her name to Calamity Jane. She answers to Calamity Jane. They'e both very sweet and well-behaved. I can hardly wait to see them again.

In another two hours a fourth-year med school student will be here to decided my future fr the day.


  1. You have so much medical attention it's not even funny.

  2. My adviser spoils me. They're lucky I'm not a total hypochondriac.

  3. It's a bit odd. Other than the bone marrow transplant and getting sick afterward, i got almost no medical attention. i was the proverbial cobbler's kid who ran around barefoot or with holes in her shoes. Then, since the broken leg and clavicle, and the kidney issues and smoke inhalation from the evil aunt and uncle, I cannot even take three consecutive steps without someone sticking an otoscope in my ear or feeling my forehead.