Saturday, May 9, 2015

I Will (Probably) Survive

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what Alexis is going to look like if she doesn't soon stop using hydrocortisone cream

Seven-up and ginger ale are the best I can tolerate, and even they taste bad to me. The thought of consuming food is positively revolting. I can't watch TV because there are too many food commercials, and I can't manipulate the remote control fast enough to get them off the screen before they make me toss the cookies that i haven't even eaten.

This stomach virus nonsense positively sucks. At least my rash is improving, though. Hydrocortisone cream works miracles even if it does ultimately turn me into some sort of hermaphrodite.


  1. If I were your neighbor I would give you a hug so you know that someone cares about you. To get over this the quickest, do not consume anything except pure water. If you do that for a day, keep watching your tongue and it will do a trick. It will get a thick white coat over it and that means that your body has shifted into a super-fast cleansing mode. It will not go away until you break your fast.

    Your immune system strength will increase and continue to increase as you fast. You will get younger. It is not easy but the benefits are more than worth it. Decades ago it was proven with rats and more recently with other animals that calorie restriction causes animals to age slower and live longer. With your extra time you can play piano and violin.

    You talked about how studying facts makes you more creative. Playing piano and violin is creative in a different way than writing and accesses a different part of your brain. The guy at the top of this post is Thor, the god of thunder. No one can lift his hammer (other than him), not even the Hulk. But on Avengers: Age of Ultron they introduce a new character that can lift his hammer.

    When you said to your professor "You noticed," you pointed out that he was keeping track of what you wear day to day. Now of course the cool guy was also doing that, but that's because he loves you. You should give the cool guy a hug and it will make his day and you will get the good karma from it.

  2. I'm drinking water - what llitle of anything I'm drinking - and have been since Thursday. my dad has me on IV fluids. Sooner or later I should be strong enough to get out of bed. I'm a bit bummed because I was supposed to be able to run after my orthopedic appointment on Monday, and it looks as though I'll be doing well to have enough strength to walk. I don't suppose a few more days without running will kill me.

  3. Well I do not want to go up against your dad, but this is not a serious thing. I do not know if your tongue will get coated with IV fluids so please tell me. Is your tongue coated now? Please♥ tell me! Here is an interesting thing that you can learn that affects you. I guess medicine cannot get into this since it will be too complex but there is a big difference between minerals from foods (organic minerals) and minerals from non-foods (inorganic minerals).

    This has nothing to do with organic growing but with the 2 kinds of chemistry. Organic chemistry is about life and is based on carbon rings. The FDA limits a potassium supplement to only 99 mg. The reason is if someone is given supplements with over 200 mg, they may need to be rushed to the hospital according to the experience of some clinical people.

    But you can eat 2 avocados with 2,400 mg of potassium or 5 potatoes with 2,000 mg and that is okay. Joel Fuhrman M.D. has fasted thousands of people to better health and they only consume pure water (no IV) (distilled water).

    Don't be bummed. Your body is giving you a chance to get rid of excess toxins, by not eating and getting more sleep. Here is how to tell if you are blessed. If you are breathing, you are being blessed and you are lucky beyond belief. If you are not breathing, then either you will start soon or you will die.

    Did you know that there is something that is protecting you? The Mormons will say that it is God but that is not scientific. Also each person has their own definition of God. So here is the scientific answer. It is from the science of psychology that your mother was trained in.

    Please note that I am reading your blog from the beginning to find what I missed and to find out if your mother recovered or not, so I would not have to ask you in case she did not.

    You are being protected by your subconscious mind. When it comes to God, people will describe God in great detail like they are best friends with God. But when it comes to your subconscious mind, experts will tell you that they do not know much about it. They do not know what it knows and what it can do. You can always walk if you cannot run. This is your time to nurture yourself!