Thursday, August 15, 2013

There's a link between juvenile obesity and Type II Diabetes?

At least they didn't use the drive-through lane.

Really? There's a connection between letting your children stuff their faces with candy and Takis or whatever those disgusting chips are called and allowing them to drink an unlimited quantity of sugar-laden beverages all day and eventually getting fat? And growing overweight as a kid increases your chances of ending up with Type II Diabetes? For real? This isn't something Michelle Obama made up just to push her vegetable garden agenda on the unwashed masses?

Everytime I see one of those TV commercials with the mothers talking about how hard it is to say no when their kids want candy bars and other garbage, along with shots of mothers filling their grocery carts with squash the size of a gestationally diabetic mother's newborn baby (hint: they usually have LARGE babies) I want to scream, because my assumption is that my tax dollar are paying for those commercials. Do the people who operate the organizations that make and distribute these commercials honestly believe that Honey boo Boo and her ilk are going get up off the potato chip crumb-encrusted sofa and pour their Orange Crushes down the sink and toss their Doritos in the trash because some poorly-compensated (you get what you pay for,  and the quality of acting is so poor that even I could do better) actress is sayong that her mother didn't know that allowing your child to turn into a human form of Baby Beluga would be harmful to her children's health, but that she knows better?

There are things we know about nutrition that weren't necessarily known a generation ago. For that matter, some of those things we "know" today will be debunked in a few years, and we'll "know" a few more things in their place.  Fad ideas about dieting and eating in general will come and go (remember The Female Fat Cell)The basics of nutrition, however, have remained contant for generations, ad haven't been kep

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