Thursday, August 1, 2013

don't sleep nd type

Don't sleep and tye. This not I, but ot coud have ben,tion

I'm sleepy enough that I probably should not blog tonight, becuaue what I write will likely be nonsensical. Still, if I do not preserve my thghts tonight, they will mostt likely be lost forever, and some day I'll wonder about tonightht nd what seemed of such,z fniir I coild type them and save them to draft, but thsat's never really been how I roll. I put it out there for all the world to decipher. Some are better at decphering my gibberish than are others. anyone who has ever taught special ed could probaby relate to my "sleepy" posts quite well, ads those special ed people r probably convinced thy I possess some form of learning disabiity or other, my mom assures e tht i dont. She says I'm not a particular adept typist, especislisly considering my[ babukuty as a oianisrm of sther[  (I lef that in so you should see just how drugged out I am without the benefit of a single drug in my system other than a beta bocker, whc i take to keep my heart from racing tike  metroneone set way too fast . my hert rae ie i'm a horse running neck-and-neck against another horse in the fins stretch of that race.Such is fine when you;r a hrse trying t win the fina e of the trie crwn, but when you're an eighteen -year  -old gir trying to get thrugh coleg, it;s not such s terrifc trait.  If God wakes you up some night in the midde of the night and asks you if  yould like to have a case ot tachycardia just fr the fun of  it, tell him thanks, but no thanks. On the other had, if he offers yu the choice  beteen tachtcardia and leukemia, take the tachycardia.'

I passed what was presumably my first [juebdy dtne tidat=y, /u sysoected t might b e  ybubaebfurb48ugh] that, by the way, at was supposed to say was "kidney stone;'

'It WAS a kidney stone; the only subject of dispute was whether or  was not actually the very first one. I've had so many symptoms before, but my aunt who is nurse said the sypmtom could have been from ths stone, which was thirteen by eight millimeters.  I've been told that's th reproductive equivent to giving birth to a sixteen-pound baby. I've neer bern in the habit o inspectin the cntentd of thr toiet sfter I use it, so onoy Gof noes if any saller ones hve already made it out.  Once you have one, Aunt Jilian says, you have 50%  chance of havng anther. Once you'v had the second one, odds are strong that y i'm not yet sur where i fall on the luc sce-- ony that I had asixteen-pound baby (immaculate conception) kidney stone that still hurts but U'm told eill get bettr fst. if only I'd known al along, I  could've scored some good drugs, regardless, im not that uch of  a "fix 'er up" type of girI/ My preferenfe is to rcover on y ow if fasible withut doctor except th one I likr, snf even just to visit them.auabtum ojyidinibisfgdf,

My mom sys I shul go o slep snd fix rhi ins rh iin th e irnin, /she ays i is psitiv e prof tht driving whike hil excessivy pey ins every bit as hazardus as a dYU. i don't knoe but tham bt /u wooooooouo /I lookforward t discussing it withsomone wh7uutppto goodnight,

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  1. Um.... yeah, I think sleep is the order of the day for you. Good night.