Monday, August 26, 2013

-emias and -omas

This is a stain of acute erythroid leukemia,which is a rare and aggressive form of acute myeloid leukemia..One of the pathologists showed this to me today when  it came through the lab because it's one of my dad' s  particular subspecialties.
I stayed and worked an extra day o the lab. I didn't want to staywith Scott and Jillian tonight because it was scott's day off today and if they're feeling especially frisky, I don't wish to be in the way. may Aunt heather and Ubcle Steve ddidn't want me driging home tonight, anyway, becuse i ws up late last night.

 I'll stay with them until my parents are home Friday. Scott works all week, and Jillian is only telecommuting, so she probably won't mind the company. I'm sure her cat. Claudia , will be less that thrilled with the Pope's intrusion, but the two of them will have to deal with it. Jillian never minds when I practice piano  or violin. I have my cheap violin with me, but Scott ha a better one that i can play. His dadgot it really cheap when a neighbor was disposing fof th eestate f another relative nd didn't know what it was wirth. scott's dad did't know what it was worth, either, so it's not like he took advantage of the guy.  it's not worht as much as the violin my Godfather picked up for me, but it'll easily do in a pinch.

I don't want summer to send this year. A bit of it was stolen from me when I had the surgery for the adhesions, but still, I've gotten lazy.  I wnt to goto the beach and practice my instruments. I'll go to my internship two or three days of the week, but otherwise I want to tay up late and sleep late. I'm a hedonist at heart.

Someone t the lab asked me axactly what it is my dad dioes fr a living. it changes from stim to time so I was unable to offer a straightforward answer. I know that in general, he looks for cures as opposed to causes, although there's some cross-ver, and that he specializes primarily in two types of leukemia and a particular form of lymphoma, but that he consults on matters related to other keukemias and lymphmas, Anything he finds has ramifications to othe forms of leukemia, lymphoma, and cancer in general. Sometimes he gets stuck in side projects that interefere with his main work, but  he's mostly involved with the curing side of the particular illnesses.

He's never hd a lab in our home for several reasons -- mainly because would it make our home more attractive for drug-related burglaries -- but he has people working around the clock at four different laboratories around the state, and sometimes  he gets up and calls someone at 3:00 a.m. if something in particular occurs to him. He says the end results to some of what he's doing won't come to fruition  until after he's dead and gone, but tht he's laying he grundwork so that whover takes over can find the answers. he's neing overly modest. Some of the answers he obviously hopes to find himself. He's alreday found some  in terms of which forms of chemo get the most mileage and the least damage with treatments for particular forms of the cancers he studies. other answers will coe sooner rather than later. Still his job isn't one for someone who is impatient for instant results, as those instants results not going t come. the Rel world doesn't work the waymost epiodes of House did, all neatly wrapped up in one hour that's mybe supposed to represent a week in real time.

I'm not sure how well-suited I m for something so long-term.  I know  I can live without instant results, but I don't know if I want to work for a number of years toward one smalll aspect of a remedy for a particular form of cancer.  My dad is at least working on more than one thing. That what may be what allows him to survive in the field. Maybe I'm too ADHD for that though people who knew my dad whe he was young say that he was not much less ADHD than I am. You just have to really focus when it counts. Hyperactivity isn't that much of an issue. It's all about focus when focus is important. Maybe I could do that sort of work. I'd have to approach it from a different angle, though. I would want a residency in pathology rather than in hematology or oncology. The nice thing is that it is an option. I could complete a residecny in pathology and, for all intents and purposes, end up doing what my dad is doing now. Sometimes different  roads lead to the same place.

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