Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Not-Terribly-Old Memory

My Aunt Cristelle is an amateur photographer. This was her attempt at being folksy or artsy or something. My mom had just wanted her to take a picture of me playing in the living room.  Aunt Cristelle has grander schemes for most things than does my mother. The weather was nice that day, so we drove east for about thirty minutes until Aunt Cristelle had a vision, which is what has to happen before she is able to take the simple action of clicking a button on a camera.  What doesn't show in the picture is me running like hell as soon as she snapped the final shot because a bovine of some sort or other  -- I'm pretty sure it wasn't a bull -- was headed in my direction at a more rapid pace than I was aware bovines could move.

P.S. Note the darkness of my hair. This was about as dark as it ever was. A couple of years ago I started highlighting it  just a bit.