Sunday, August 25, 2013

the bloody stone has passed

She-ra, Princess of Kidney Stones - actually much more powerful than a mere Princess of Power

Actually, as far as I know, the stone wasn't particularly bloody, but that's what the urologist  in New Zealand said, so I'm going with his choice of words. It was 6mm by 5 mm, but my mom is She-ra, Princess  Kidney Stones, and has passed stones more than twice that big. She probably didn't even need the stent.

Now my Uncle Ralph and my Uncle Jerry can quit fighting over which of them would get to pay for the air ambulance if needed. For the record, they both wanted to foot the bill as opposed to wanting the other to do so. I thought maybe they could split the bill, but they have lots of testosterone, so such solutions don't come as easily to them.

 My mom is back at the hotel and is resting comfortably with drugs because stents and stones leave residual pain, but everyone is quite happy.  My dad is watching the Little League World Series while drinking New Zealand beer, and my mom is resting very comfortably with Vitamin V and a little Dilaudid, or whatever it is called in New Zealand. They'll be able to resume touristy stuff tomorrow.

Doctors  don't deal with as many stones in New Zealand as in the U.S..  I don't know that their diet is that much less conducive to the production of stones.  They eat a lot of meat, and large servings of protein can be a contributing factor. It's a lot  cooler in New Zealand and people there probably stay better hydrated. Australian doctors probably treat more urinary calculi than do the doctors in New Zealand.

For anyone who interceded on behalf of my mom through prayer or any other means, thank you and bless you. Now I have one more favor to ask. My Pseudo-aunt Jillian is surfing for the very first time. She has a lady who is probably the number one female surfer in the world helping her, and she's surrounded by people who will go down after her if a wave takes her under, but a few prayers or positive thoughts on all their behalves would be appreciated. The people helping don't want my Uncle Scott, who is a surfer,  in the water with them because they think he would be too nervous and would just get in the way, so he's on the beach with his camera taking pictures. If he sends me any good ones, I'll share them. 


  1. I'm glad your mom is doing better. I'm sure that was an unpleasant thing to have to deal with on vacation. I would love to visit New Zealand someday, if I could get over my fear of the extremely long flights to get there!

  2. Gallstones are painful. I'm sure kidney stones are 10 times worse. Glad that the worst is seemingly over and that your mom can enjoy the rest of her trip. And the plane ride home without the added discomfort.

    I hope Jillian enjoys surfing. Her and Scott deserve a nice vacation.

  3. I talked to my mom. She's feeling great.

    Jillian had a blast surfing and did very well, especially for someone who's not all that strong.

    I've heard gallstones arepretty high on the pain scale as well.

  4. I think I'm too ADHD for a flight that long, myself. I'd almost have to take something potent to keep from driving everyone else on the plne batty and possibly wind up being duct-taped by the flight crew.