Tuesday, March 26, 2013

There's No Place Like Home (click heels together three times)

We flew out of Utah and got 'home a few  hours  ago. Spending time in the snow was a somewhat unusual spring break activity. Now I'm back to more typical spring break terrain, except that the drunken revelers have gone elsewhere, which is something I don't totally get.  I understand that the thing to do is to go elsewhere to drink yourself  practically but not quite comatose, but when your university is located in one of the greatest beach spots on the west coast, why would you really want to go elsewhere? If I were the "spring break" type, I'd drink myself senseless right here.  Still. I won't exactly miss the frat rats and their ilk for the rest of this week while they're elsewhere.

I picked up some sort of eye infection or inflammation or something. It's far from serious, but  I cannot see very well because of the ointment I put in it just to make it more comfortable until I can see a doctor. I'm spoiled in that I don't usually visit doctors in their regular hours. I called my pseudorelative Gerard, who is an ophthalmologist. He's bringing home enough equipment and medications that if it's anything routine, which I'm confident that it is, he can treat it at his house in an hour or two after work. My dad is his Godfathr, which therefore obligates him to take care of me for life. It's a good system as far as it works for me.  In return, I'll babysit his kids one night this weekend or next so he and his wife can go out for dinner and a movie.

Please excuse typos. I cannot see well enough to know that they exist.

Later tonight  I'll get to see the  baby twins -- Jared's cousins -- I missed seeing in Utah. They were born a month early and each weighed four pounds, two ounces. They've grown some, as would be expected, but even  at three months, they're still on the small side at about eight pounds.  They're supposedly healthy and are reaching developmental milestones at appropriate ages; they're just tiny. It remains to be seen whether they'll remain on the smallish side or if it's just taking them awhile to catch up in that regard.Now, with the eye thing, I'll probably have to wear latex glovess to hold them, but I've been through worse inconveniences.

It's a bit windy here. Going to the beach didn't seem like the very best thing for my eye, so I'll wait a day, but I won't stay away forever. The water is firgid. Only little kids and surfers are studip enough to go in past their ankles, but I can enjoy the sand, sun, and waves just the same.

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  1. When I was in college, my spring breaks were eaten up by spring tour with the choir I was in. We'd sing at schools and in New York City, then catch a Broadway show. There was drunken revelry, though, once we got to New York. I think a lot of spring break travel has to do with going somewhere else to have an adventure.

    Sorry about your eye. I hope it clears up quickly!