Saturday, March 30, 2013

Methods of Meteorologists, Etc.

 I spent my beach time today wearing those goggle-type sunglasses that cataract surgery patients have to wear. I'm sure every male on the beach was tremendously attracted by the look. C'sst la vie. I wanted to go to the beach. Depending upong which weather forecaster IK choose to believe, and I'm beginning to believe all of them either toss a coin or use one of those kiddie toy magic 8-balls, anyway, the weather may or may not be conducive to beach   activity. I may be so determined to spend time on the beach that I will don rain geat and Isit on the beach in the midst of a downpour. DoI really care if anyone thinks I'm bat-shit crazy. when they see my skanky school wardrobe next week, they'll think so anyway, so what's the difference?

          My computer is wacked. It's setting margins when it has not asked to do so. I don't have enough
          cash without dipping into saving, which I do not wish to do at this point, so I must either learn to
          work with it or steal on of my parents' laptops. There's an extra desktop that came withmy room.
          I can use it until I work out the problem. My cousin, the Mormon mishie who went into early
          retirement, will be here tomorrow. Sometimes he can repari such things. In a worst-case
          scenario, I'll replace it, but I don't want to part with the money. I'd rather spend it on my new
          slut look, which will cost a fraction of what a new computer would cost, anyway.

          I got to spend a little more time with the new baby twins. Their paternal grandmother was
          hanging around. The woman is seriously touched. She kept trying to do adjustments on their feet
          that   would improve their eating and sleeping. My uncle Scott and Uncle Bret finally took both
          babies away.  wonder if the woman was born crazy, if she chose to be that way, or if a traumatic
          event  in her life causedher to go bonkers. She's gone now, anyway, much to everyone's relief.

          The crazy lady has  a seventeen-year-old daughter and an eleven-year-old son still at home.
          The daughter is staying here for the rest of the week. she's a nice enough girl, especially
          considering who spawned her. the girl is seriously something like six inches taller than I am.

          Tomorrow i beach day, rain or shine. I hope to see you there.



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