Friday, March 15, 2013

My Dad Told Me something That Makes No Sense Medically, but . . .

He says when I was really little, i used to eat a bowl of sugar cereal every morning along with whatever else I had for breakfast - maybe an egg or a piece of toast. He said back in those days, I wasn't sick very often. When my mom got leukemia, he and my mom went on a bit of a health food kick. They didn't exactly have a coronary if one of us came home drinking a soda or eating a candy bar, but there wasn't a whole lot of that stuff around the house.

My dad usually does the grocery shopping. In addition to the usual nutricious fare of fruits, veggies, whole grain cereals, lean meats, etc, he brought four different boxes of sugar cereal. he put one in the usual cereal area. As sson as Matthew comes home, he'll basicall go through the box in one sitting. For me, he bought Lucky Charms, Trix, and Golden Crisp. he hid them in a cabinet behind the homemade tomato sauce, which Matthew never bothers.  My dad told me to try eating a bowl of sugary cereal in addition to something nutritious every morning, and even to eat a bowl at night if I felt like it. He said the extra calories alone would be good for me, as I'm having some difficulty maintaining a regular cycle, so to speak, at my current weight.  He says as long as it supplements and does not supplant what I'm already eating, no harm should occur because my blood sugar is well within the normal range -- perhaps even on the low end of normal, but still normal.

Most of the stuff he comes up with is some weird concoction involoving wheat germ, unflavored yogurt, an egg white, and God knows what else, so this particular recommendation is reasonably easy to try.

I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. At least it's not white bread and warm milk he's wanting you to eat. Yeccch!

  2. The closest thing we have to white bread in our house is sourdough.

  3. Bang these through the speakers tomorrow (17th). I wanna hear you and yer ma belting 'em out.

  4. Here's a question, what is your dad's recipe for that protein shake he made you? I've been off of my TPN for 2 days, this is the second "test" I've done, going off of it, and so far I'm a mess, trying to match my fluid and calorie consumption to that of what I was getting in the TPN. Through the TPN I was getting between 3000 and 4000 calories a day (70% Dextrose), and I know that I am no way nearing that off of it because nothing will stay down, as is the story of my life. I'm limited in what I can eat already because of my motility issues, I don't digest dairy at all, and I'm not maintaining weight puking chicken broth...

    Anyway, long story short, I was curious, and I sympathize with your current predicament, because it is really frustrating losing weight that you don't want/ can't afford to lose.

  5. my dad's not here, and I'll consult him for a more precise measurement of the recipe, but he used two cups of ice cream (we'll discuss afterard wat is the best substitute for you) one-half cup of milk(ahgain, you'll need a substitute) one 250mg capsule, I think, ofsomething called peptone,which he opened up and poured into the mixture, 1/2 tsp of rice germ, 1/2 tsp of wheat germ, 1/4 tsp of powdered phosphorous, plus one caapsule each of arginine,lysine, and ornithine, opened and emptied into the mixture/ The flavor of ice cream doesn't matter.

    I've heard my dad tell others who couldn't tolerate dairy that coconut-based faux (as well as the best-tasting and highest in calorie)ice creams are probably the best substitutes to dairy , although rice-based ice creqams may work as well. My dad prefers almond-based milk substitute, which can be hard to find, but the soy stuff is supposedly OK.When he get home, i'llrun this all by him and ask what i missed.

  6. Thank you. My local boonies pharmacy doesn't have powdered phosphorous. The guy even called to the supposed health food store that has everything and they didn't supply it either, which they never have anything that I need anyway. Soy would be the better alternative to milk, though my digestive processing of most of the creamier fluids has been limited. Though, even still something loaded with nutrition is superior to something not... even if they both get tossed.

  7. My dad said phosphorus in powdered form is tough to come by (his suppliers tend to be pharmaceutical labs to which only researchers have access, but sometimes it can be obtained in pill form and crushed. i don't think it comes in capsules.

    He heavily recommends trying the one of the coconut-based faek ice creams if you can find them anywhere near you. Soy and rice are always options as well, but for some reason, coconut-based products are often tolerated better in addition to being higher in calories. That is bad for some people. but for someone such as you who can only keep down a fractin of what one takes in, it's a good thing. Calories are your friends.