Thursday, March 14, 2013

Miracle Drug and LDS Missions

My dad gave me a  shot of something. i don't even know what it was. i usually want to know everything that goes into my body,but today i told him he could injtect me with Brown recluse spider venom if he thought it would help, but just not to give me  any of the gory details. He says he can safely giveme another does in themorning, and it's NOT brown recluse spider venom. Whatever it was, it did the trick. I still had to sleep ff most of the malaise, but iI'm good to go and ready to face my other classes. I went back after the fact and recreated lecutre notes based on what I remember. i'll compare them with those of a friend, but I don't think they were half bad.

I think what the current learning theorists say about actually being in class (or skyping) versus getting notes from someone else after the fact is actually true. You benefit more just be being there youfrom receiving really good notes taken by someone else. you can, of course, have the best of both worlds. you can show up, then compare notes with someone who is equally conscientious as you. Two functioning and reasnably intelligent brains are better than one. I'm competitive enough not to want to give away too much of an edge to another classmate, but if you both finish the course with 100% of the points possible, that's not going to count against ither one of you.

I haven't quite had the energy to research the new pope to the extent that i would lie to havedone so. I've heard some rather bigoted concerns about from where he comes, and i don't like herng that sortof thing. Johp Paul II was much beloved, and he came from Poland of all places. It's also time for a non-European priest.  I would have liked to haveseen an american pope, but since here was no real u. s> forerunner, maybe that wasn't realistic. I'll hope and pray fro wisdom and moderacy with the new guy. i'm proud that hes from the America's even if t wasn't the United states of america.  I really must learn more about him though.

I do not move in lock-step with any pope, but I hop to be able to say with some degree of pride that I'm a Catholic. Such has not always been the case.

 I have only one lecture and one lab tomorrow, after which the weekend is mine to use as i
 please. My original plan had been to dump the lab until Monday, but I'm well enough to get it over with.  I may meetup with Jared and we may drive to one of Matthew's baseball games just for something different to do. He has games on Saturday and Sunday. all things considered, i'd rather catch the Sunday game, and i happen to know that while he may pretend otherwise,   Jared has no concerns about "breaking the Sabbath" by going to a baseball game on Sunday.  Between my brother, myself, human nature, and disillusionment about the LDS church, he's been thoroughly corrupted.

Jared submitted all his mission papers. He's now waiting for his "call,"which may come in about a month. I don't think his mom and dad even know that the pares have been submitted yet.  He used his dorm address, so his parents will have no idea when the response arrives.  once it arrives,he can  use the Internet to learn everything that is available to learn about the mission itself, about whether or not the missin president is a dipwad, about whether there are ways to have fun during themission, ab=nd about language opportunities in the mission.. Some languages are more valuable for his potential medical carer than are others. I just don't see what Jared has to gain professionally by becoming fluent in dutch. Learning a language for the sake of learning a language is great. It opens up new synapses, helps one's brain to function in a way that it didn't  function  before, , and is culturally  a good thing to do anyway. Then there are languages such as Greek (Latin would have the some function except that no current LDS mission functions  in Latin anymore because it isn't spoken conversationally in any mission)  that provide, in addition to the language itself, such a massive foundation in language that one becomes an expert in etymology by studying the language.  So there are plenty of language reasons to serve a mission. The key then, becomes whether or not the mission itslef, including the location, and leadership, is either a worthwhile pursuit or a massive wad og feces. on;y jared can make that determination.

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