Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stevie Nicks, Landslide, Budweiser, Fleetwood Mac, and Covers in General

We're all entitled to our own opinions, however inflammatory they may be, as long as we do not state them in a manner that could be considered libelous. My opinion is that Stevie Nicks has one of the most godawful voices ever to grace the airwaves. I have an aunt on my father's side who, for some question to which on;y she and God must  be privy to the answer, she chooses to sing in public.  Her singing voice  sounds like a garbage disposal crushing glass and mangling silverware.  Still, as strident, discordant, cacophonous, or however else one might choose to describe my aunt's singing voice, all things considered, I'd rather hear her sing on a given day than have to listen to Stevie Nicks . . . unless the song Stevie Nicks happened to be singing was Landslide.

I love the song Landslide, but only when Stevie Nicks sings it, which is a paradox, as I strongly dislike Stevie Nicks' voice in general.  I've heard other covers of the song, and while anyone has the right to give it a stab, where Landslide is concerned, I wish they wouldn't.  It wouldn't matter to me who was singing  -- Sarah Brightman, James Taylor, Gladys Knight,  my mom,  Mariah Carey,Josh Groban, Audra McDonald,  Emmylou Harris, Lionel Richie, Susan Boyle, the late John Lennon, Beyonce,  Paul McCartney,  Bocelli  --  the song just wouldn't work as far as I was concerned if anyone were singing  it other than Stevie Nicks -- whose voice I openly admit I can barely tolerate.

Stevie Nicks allowed Budweiser to use the song in a commercial that debuted during this year's Super Bowl.  Some would refer to the action of giving rights a great song for commercial purposes as selling out. I don't really care. Perhaps Stevie Nicks is giving every cent of the proceeds to a worthwhile charity.  Or perhaps Stevie Nicks' financial situation itself is a bit unstable. Maybe she has an aunt who needs an organ transplant that isn't covered by insurance. Maybe Stevie Nicks just wants to buy a really expensive race horse. I don't care. It's her song. She can do what she wants with it. And while I still don't care for her voice, she somehow managed to come up with what is very nearly a perfect song, and one that managed to suit the nuances of her voice perfectly.

Do what you want with Landslide, Stevie Nicks. You've earned the right. And, by the way, thanks for writing and recording the song for the world to hear. This world is a slightly better place because of the beauty of a song you wrote and sang.  Not everyone can make such a claim.


  1. How very sweet. And very opinionated. Hahaha!

  2. I actually really like Stevie Nicks... at least a lot of the stuff she did with Fleetwood Mac. There are a few songs she did solo that I like, too. I will admit that her voice is unusual, but that's what sells records. That and her interesting wardrobe. She's also a damn fine songwriter, even if some of her songs were influenced by her affection for cocaine.

    I thought the Dixie Chicks did okay with "Landslide", though I prefer Stevie's version to theirs. I actually kind of quit listening to the Dixie Chicks after their debacle over W. It's not that I'm a W fan, I just thought the whole incident was unprofessional and stupid... and I get tired of artists who try to foist their politics on their audiences. I didn't like Smashing Pumpkins' take on "Landslide".

    I'll tell you whose raspy voice grates for me... Kim Carnes...

    1. Ugh... and as a beer lover, I think it's a travesty that Stevie is letting her song be affiliated with Budweiser... It would be better if she affiliated with the original Budweiser, made in Cesky Budjovice in the Czech Republic!

      And now I am hereby inspired to write two more blog posts. Thanks Alexis!