Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Break! In one More Day!

My "Hunters and Gatherers" final went much as predicted. The three people with whom I studied smiled and sailed through the whole thing. From the rest of the class, I heard groans, and one girl was actually crying. It pays to find smart friends and to  study with them. One of the girls in our study groups isn't all that bright, but she does the readings and takes copious notes, so the others of us include her, and she'll ace the course just as the rest of us will.  No one wants a slacker who isn't very bright in a study group, but someone of at least near-average ability who is willing  to do his or her share of the work is usually welcome even among the top students.

The biggy is tomorrow -- the "Risk Theory" final. I have my ideas about where the prof is going with the final exam. I've been fairly accurate in predicting what would be on the other exams, so I'm hoping that I'm equally clairvoyant this time.

I'm so incredibly ready for  break that I would probably take one even if it were not scheduled.  I'll do my recording stint in Utah, and then I'm home to relax. I'll  lie around on the beach, do a little diving, and maybe even a little running and hurdling if my legs are strong enough. Other than that, I'll socialize a bit and sleep. I don't have heavy drinking plans on my agenda, but chances are that  at least once my parents will leave and my brother's friends and mine will cautiously and surreptitiously help ourselves to the contents of my parents' liquor cabinet. No one will drive anywhere if he or she is not legal to do so.

Happy spring break, and if your profession is such that you do not get a spring break, I extend to you my condolences.

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  1. Enjoy your break! Don't do anything "knotty"... ;-)