Friday, June 22, 2012

Rantings About the NBA Final Game

As I was  fighting the lingering effects of general anesthesia last night, someone in my family turned the TV to the NBA championship series, and what turned out to be the actual championship game. Televised athletic competitions in general, and basketball games in particular, are somewhat louder than most television programs. Hence, while I was too stoned to follow the game, and too incoherent to complain about the volume,  I could not keep its elements from invading my conscious and unconscious thought processes. My dreams last night were of Mark Spoelstra reading the Gospel and directing the choir in my parish (and doing a rather sloppy job of both) and of the thunder moving to my current city of residence because they decided they couldn't win in Oklahoma City. In my dream, the entire team and staff lived next door to me. The players and coaches were loud and obnoxious in my dream, and their incessant disturbances would not allow me to rest and recover from my injuries. As stupid as I admit this is, when I awoke this morning and made relative sense of the entire mess, I was glad that the Thunder had lost to the Heat after the way Thunder personnel had so rudely disrupted my convalescence. Furthermore, I suppose my old friend Judge Alex Ferrer and his family were happy that their hometown team won. The Ferrers are real fans who stick with their team through wins and losses, and they deserve the opportunity to savor this win.

Regarding my upcoming trip to Walmart, documenting it through videotape is a great idea. (Eating raw hamburger, by the way, is positively disgusting even if one pays for it first, which Rebecca's hometown eccentric probably had no intention whatsoever of doing.) My friend Edher said once when he was in Walmart, a woman had stripped herself bare from the waist down right in the underwear aisle and was trying on underwear. Edher says he doesn't recommend purchasing underwear at Walmart.

I should be gradually growing more coherent, but I'm not at all convinced such is the case. Alas, time will tell.

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